Nov 7, 2011

Crack the Shutters

Love Bite.
(Dress: Glitterati | Shoes: Tyler | Bag: Celine | Bracelets: Glimmer and Extreme Finds)

I was feeling a bit more on the risque side for the 2nd day of the SuperSale Bazaar which is why I went for this bold print which is a design from my brand's new collection called Laws of Attraction. I love the color!!! If you remember, I wore the pink and orange version of this design over at the Freeway x Manansala event which you can view HERELink

I wore it a bit different this time though by putting my hair up in a bun and by going blue rather than a neutral black on the accessories- spot the electric blue heels + purse. It was a comfortable yet very fashion savvy dress and the bold print definitely made me stand out from the crowd- the bazaar was a super sale success and the crowd was crazy that day so it helped to be easier to spot than usual. Coincidentally, a lot of people decided to buy the dress as they were interested because of how it looked on me. It was such a fun filled day! Took a lot of photos with people and had a lot fooled as I was mistaken for Alodia Gosiengfiao that day, more than 10x. Must be the eyes... but I had everyone fooled, so it seems. Had to clarify I was a fashion blogger rather than the celebrity cosplayer. I still can't believe people can tell us apart. Haha! Sigh.

xx, JL


SSB Day 2 Photos Below:


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  1. Hi ms JL, saw you at supersale bazaar day3. And you look way prettier in person! ;)

  2. I've noticed that too!Actually, you, Alodia and Tricia Gosingtian are like sisters. Para kayong mga Japanese dolls. :)



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