Jul 29, 2010


♥ Nerds.

(Schoolgirl chic in a Acid wash denim jacket from Zara, Tanktop from Topshop, Glitter Pink Tulle Skirt from Poisonberry, Vintage Gucci chain strap purse, Ribbon ring from Forever21, Dork Glasses from Aldo, Denim studded strappy heels and White socks from Marks and Spencer)

Wednesday is school girl day, a self-proclaimed theme dress-up day for me and my BFF Nina wherein we dress as preppy as possible. I love playing dress up and we've been having this tradition long before we stopped about a year and a half ago since we ran out of themes to come up with. We resurrected that yet again recently since she went back to school and took up a fashion course. I am not exactly the preppy girl and I am more into the cutesy quirky stuff than pique shirts and khakis so I decided to make my look geared towards the more doll-like version of your typical schoolgirl.
In full detail:

Zoomed in...

Spectacular Spectacles.
Channel a more wholesome look with big plastic framed glasses. Contrast the look with hot pink lips and finish with studded strappy heels with a quirky twist with white socks.

To do such was simple. I had to make the theme as close to "me" as possible and so I replaced the plaid skirt with a glitter tulle full miniskirt and the uniform-style blazer with an acid wash denim jacket which screams the trademark girly girliness and my rocker-studded twist that I make sure I add in most outfits I wear. I loved the effect the denim jacket had on the metallic hot pink skirt since it was a great contrast... the acid wash somehow neutralized the shocking glossy pink. I wore it with an inner white tanktop which I added since I meant for that to match what I had going on in my feet- white socks and studded denim heels. I am seriously loving the socks with heels trend...it's the ultimate solution to cute-ifying an outfit. To complete the look, I wore geek glasses which everyone seemed to notice that day, including my dad who at dinner poked fun at my full on nerdy look. I never wear glasses since I always preferred contacts to flaunt my hobby of experimenting with eye makeup shades but I made an exception for this day. My peg was Reese Witherspoon in Election crossed with Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. Dress up day is so much fun and I recommend all of your guys to try it out with your BFFs! I love how my style totally made a complete 180-degree turn yet again from the all black bustier I had going on in the last post to this. I swear, I have no consistency at all when I dress up...but doesn't that just make it much more fun?

PS: See you all at SuperSale this weekend!

Jul 26, 2010

Burned out stars they shine so bright

Risky Business Redefine a cinched waist with a studded bustier corset paired with a highwaist bodycon skirt. Studs and fringes are optional but highly recommended to accent.
(Studded corset from Stylebreak, Fringed bodycon skirt from Topshop, Studded Zara shoes, Chanel 2.55 purse)

Looking back to how I was before, I must say, I changed and grew up...major. I was just talking about it with a group of friends recently and we have all noticed how we are no longer into the whole clubbing scene... I guess I got too much of it that I kind of outgrew it. In the past, I used to go "clubbing" on a minimum of 3 x a week. It was a crazy lifestyle and I was literally a nocturnal creature. I didn't even rememer how a day with sun at noon looked like back then. Proud to say, I got more disciplined and am much tamer now since I only get to do nightouts about once a month.... if there is an occasion that begs for it. Clubbing isn't really my scene anymore. I've actually accumulated so much clubbing wear that I never got to wear anymore due to my lack of opportunity to wear them to. However, last Friday, I decided to step it up and wear one of said outfits. I didn't really go clubbing and had a nice not-so-quiet night with a group of friends over at Rockwell then at the Fort. It was fun to let loose every now and then but we basically hung out in a nice lounge/bar rather than go full force to a club.

Zoomed in:

Rock Candy. Black on black is totally back. Sometimes, all one needs to accessorize an all black look is a bit more black with a hint of silver. Don't be afraid to stud it up. But make sure you keep one key piece classic, in this case, the Chanel 2.55 purse does the trick.
(Makeup from MAC; lips-Pink Noveau and Like Venus gloss, cheeks- Gleeful, brows- Beguile, eyes-Passionate, Louder Please and Swish)

I wanted to dress up for a Friday night out and I chose this studded bustier which is my tribute to that whole innerwear as outerwear lingerie-inspired dressing trend. The bustier is cut and is only till the waist (kind of like an extended bra) and since I did not want to go too revealing, I wore it with a highwaist Topshop fringe skirt. I originally wanted to wear the bustier with a different highwaist skirt but I realized that I lost too much weight (over 20 lbs!) this year that the highwaist effect was impossible to achieve since all the highwaist skirts were going all low waist on me. Settled for this one and I was kind of glad I did because I love how the fringes and studs worked together in the end. Went studded to the max with accessories and was set to go.


My clothing brand, GLITTERATI, will be at the SuperSale Bazaar at the Rockwell Tent this weekend, July 30,31 and August 1 where we will be selling our pieces for up to 70% off. (That means bikinis will go for P600 and below, some dresses, separates and coverups will go as low as P300-P1000 only for the weekend!) This is definitely not something to miss out on. Refer to poster for more information and see you there!

Lastly, thanks to Izzy of The Dandy Project for the shout out via Twitter for this New York Magazine feature or I would've been absolutely clueless about it. Click the link below for the full article and roster of those who made it to the first cut (myself included) "featuring the very best street style and personal style snapshots uploaded from around the world..." Read more at: NYmag.com

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