Jul 17, 2010

Kiss with a fist

Pretty Polka.
(I am wearing a blazer from Zara, a Pink Topshop tanktop, Floral Broach and Polka dotted shorts from Glitterati)

Pink is the color.

Polka dots are an obsession of mine for this season. There is something about the print that I have always loved.... the quirky and playful vibe it has make it just so fun to wear. Nothing can be quite as playful as polka dots. So for a Friday fun day, I brought out my own pair and wore it for a night out with friends where we caught the latest Christopher Nolan/ Leo Di Caprio masterpiece, Inception and then went to hang out over at the Fort. The hot pants/ shorts are from my brand Glitterati and it is basically made of blue denim with polka dots in white. The thing about blue and white is its versatility making it very very easy to wear with any color... Instead of going through the traditional red route, I decided to wear it with bubble gum pink in a somewhat mini tribute to Elle Woods.

Now let's get closer....

Ode to Carrie Bradshaw: I paid tribute to style icon with a denim and lace floral broach.

I want Candy- Nothing screams bubblegum than pink and polkadots.

(Pink, white and blue. Tip for dotted dressing: match a polka dotted bottom with a DIY broach in the same fabric for a matchy-matchy accent)

(Pink Studded Purse is from HK, Accessories from Forever21, Nail Lacquer from ORLY in Purple Crush shades)

Pink is the color: I wore the mesh booties I posted in my last entry finally and I loved it. Pink is always my go-to color for anything.

(Best face forward: I used MAC eyeshadow in Passionate, Star Violet and Lala; MAC Lipstick in Pink Noveau and Lipglass in Like Venus and Blush in Desert Rose)

I had a great and fuss free Friday! Inception was amazing. The concept the entire movie was based on was just amazing and the action sequences were quite fresh and well thought out. It was one of those movies that makes you think and want to analyze it after seeing it which is the type of movies I really like. This was a pretty relaxed outfit and I had a great easy breezy and very comfortable time in this. Perfect for day to night transition especially for the end of the week!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!


  1. LOVE IT
    you've got an inspirational blog
    please keep it coming, i'll definitely be back!
    thanks for sharing.


  2. wowowowow! i love this outfit JL! you look great! i'm always a huge fan of polkadots! :) and pink! i've always associate pink & tutu with you1 hahaha. :)

  3. so pretty in pink!!!:) and i'm obsessed with polkas too:)

  4. grabe... you look like a doll!!!! this is just so pretty, dear! :D

    Animated Confessions

  5. Hi JL!!! Thank you for droppin by at my blog! Welcome to blogspot! :) Glad to see you here! Thank you again for your lovely comment...

    Btw, I would love to write a feature about you and your new blog (as a welcome gift, perhaps!) but I need you to answer some questions though! Hope you send me an e-mail at ckawaiilover at gmail dot com

    I was tempted to e-mail you at your business e-mail.

    Hope to hear from you soon! :)


  6. Oh, that purse is just lovely!
    Thanks for following :)


  7. JL, this is adorable!! I looove the candy colors. And your blog is so cute and girly. (: sorry it took so long to reply back, been super busy. But I'm glad you have a blogspot now! <3

  8. Absolutely perfect.! I love this blog.
    Thanks for your visit.
    Added to favs ;*

  9. love ur shoes!!!! and ur shorts!!!

    thanks for dropping by my blog babe! hope you can come back soon xx

  10. aw this is so cute!! pretty in pink ;)

  11. you look so sweet :)

    I'm following! follow me too if you like *



  12. im into polka dots as well. love the shorts!

  13. looking super gorgeous!! i especially loving your bag and shoes!! really cool~~

  14. the polka shorts! :D <3
    And i love that new tidbit on "follow me on twitter" thing ;) hehe!

  15. Wow, your blog is great lady!!!! you`re stunning with this color palette!

    Ps: Thanks for your lovely comment XD


  16. Incredible shoes! love the pink xxx

  17. Joanna.. lovin' the polka dot shorts! You always look so great. And yes, Inception was an amazing movie. I love movies that make you think!

    xx Love & Aloha

  18. the studded red bag against the polka short reminds me so much of miu miu resort 2011...so chic! and those shoes are just beatiful and make such a great statement!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  19. I LOVE your outfit! It so does remember me of an Elle Woods outfit. Your face looks flawless! Beautiful pictures! I will definitely follow your blog if you follow mine. Just leave me a comment saying you'll follow my blog and I'll be sure to follow yours!


  20. found you from Chictopia... I LOVE your blog! The way you style your looks is sooooo great!


  21. this outfit is very girly and very you! love the polka dot shorts!

  22. I can imagine so many outfits to wear with those polka dot shorts! Really into polka dots lately too =) xo

  23. I'm obsessed by polka dots too! I love your shorts. You look so adorable my dear!


  24. Amazing outfit!
    I love your style :)

    So cute.

  25. love all those pink and you're pretty as a doll :)

  26. the colours here are fantastic :)
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx
    (don't forget to enter the giveaway while you're there!)

  27. Nice ensemble JL. As always you look adorable. I like that polka short :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  28. Thanks for a lovely comment and always stopping by my chictopia :)

    kiss with a fist as in Florence and the Machine song? )))) love it!! and most importangly u have so many amazing shots, Im too picky with my pics so end up uploading a few only . WOW great job, girl ;-)


  29. Wow the colours in this post are amazing! you can really pull them off as well :) loving the polka dot shorts too. Going to see Inception this week, can't wait!

    Great blog

    Margaux from BORO

  30. your eyes are stunning! love the outfit. the shoes set it off perfectly!

    i am a new follower. x


  31. You are too cute for words!
    Such funky and unique style :)
    Love your blog!
    Xoxo Veronica
    my passion for fashion**

  32. Wow, your outfit is great. Very original and I love the way the flower on your blazer matches the shorts...

  33. haha i love the title of this post!! i adore your outfit!! loving the pink bag & polka do shorts!! super cute!!! and great photos too!!

  34. Lovely girly outfit! I'm adoring the vibrant colours.

  35. hey love,

    my apologies for the late feedback, my internet has not been kind to me lately..wow, arent you something! love how you put outfits together, very seamless, plus you are such a doll. everything's so gorge!

    followed you back xx


  36. gorgeous shoes!

    thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!

  37. i want your shorts :[. your outfit is just so adorable.


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