Jul 12, 2010

Citrus Dreams

(Dress from Love Vintage, Shoes from the U.S.,)
I am deathly allergic to anything that has got to do with citrus.
And so, what I cannot eat, I shall wear and such was the case on a humid Sunday where I went full on color with a bright as ever orange hued dress
I got from Lissa ages ago from her store, Love Vintage.

I love this dress. It has the classic vintage cut from the '60's and '70's which I adore
and it is even made of chiffon which is beautifully constructed
with sheer bell shaped sleeves. I always planned to wear this dress but when I would, something would come up and I would end up wearing a totally different ensemble.
This day, there were no excuses that came up and so I went out of my pastel-pearls or black-and-studs comfort zone and went full on with the bright shade.

(Beige Purse: Nina Ricci Vintage,Turquoise necklace by Vida Jewelries, Vintage Grecian Belt with turquoise stones from Mom)

I wore turquoise and beige accessories to accent and neutralize the vibrant hue of the dress.
I love coral with turquoise since the contrast of both colors work in such a way that it brings out and highlights both shades in a totally unexpected way. I chose beige to somehow tone down the mega-watt brightness of the citrus hue.

The major flaw of choosing this outfit was that Netherlands was playing against Spain that day for the World Cup Finals and I am so for the Spanish Team, in the totally neutral sense of the term "rooting for".
Being the unsporty, athletic cripple that I am, I seemed to have overlooked the fact that orange was the team color of the Dutch. And ultimately, I chose the wrong day to wear orange. Haha.


  1. This is such a beautiful and vibrant outfit! Loving all the colours. The bag and necklace are absolutely gorgeous!


  2. beautiful!!! you look like a goddess.. orange and gold, so fab!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  3. Oh no, it says your photobucket bandwidth is exceeded! I can't wait to see your outfit when the photos are up and running again :D

  4. hey angie! i fixed it already! it should be up and running in a bit! xx

  5. this outfit conveys a sense of opulence with the rich turquoise necklace and the lovely citrus hue of the dress. love this look, babe! keep on rockin'! and yes, Viva La Espana!

  6. looks very CHIC!!


  7. oh whoa!!! the outfit is stunning with the bright colors...and for me, we can never go wrong with turquoise and beige...

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  8. i love the colors of this outfit! and the dress is so very ladylike

  9. hi! new to your fab blog! and this outfit is just divine...keep it up! cheers!=>

    ~pie (refcake.blogspot.com)


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