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  1. Hi Joanna,

    I was on the hunt for GM Diet Posts and found your article i.e.

    I really like the way you wrote the article. It's very detailed and easy to understand. Good job.

    Actually, I just created an infographic about GM Diet and thought of sharing it with you.

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  2. Hi Joanna,

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  3. to my most favorite fashion blogger,
    hi ms. JL sorry for this informal way of measaging you. its really hard to form words whenever its you that i will be talking about.

    I was so lucky to see you last two bazaar last 2013. your beauty is timeless. I am really sad when i read the news about "person who dumps away" I really felt bad, he didnt know what his missing. Sorry I know I dont have the right to say those I just cant help .

    I am really glad though, that in your recent post you again proved your greatness as a woman. I am helped by that post. there are times that im afraid of my past, im afraid of haters but after reading i felt like i can do my dream now a small little blogger, trying to be different in the world.

    thanks to you . You really lift me up most of the time. even though you dont know me i really looked up to you since chictopia times, then i always looked forward to see you every bAzaar .

    more power to you miss JL . thank you so much . hope i could get i reply but if i dont its fine knowing that you are all good happier and more beautiful its a best answer for me .


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