Jan 18, 2015

I Know Places We Can Hide

There are some places in life where you can only go alone. Some steps that need to be taken alone. It’s the only way to really figure out where you need to go and who you need to be.  Embrace the beauty of your solo journey.

As much as I love my job with so much zeal and passion, I have to admit that I can't do it 24/7 and that being human and all... I also need to take a break. I've always lived with that mindset that when I start something, I need to finish it so I tend to fixate on things which makes me anxious and very neurotic. I am one of those people who sometimes forget to take a break until I burn out. Thankfully, I was able to find a way to have that much sought after work-life balance and I don't feel guilty or like a slacker when I take breaks. More so, the activities I engage in are more wholesome and enriching and I am happy to have matured...finally. I look back at my past self and can't believe that huge disparity between the person I used to be and the activities I used to do and the person that I am now and the activities I make time for. I've learned to prioritize, to keep a level head and to know there is a great big world out there. This necessary awakening was a result of taking much needed time off boys and dating. I guess I have to thank my ex-boyfriends and my break-ups for giving me the chance to be alone so I can grow on my own... and so far, I like the person that I am. I am more calm and stable. I am no longer impulsive and I've managed to understand the concept of applying myself despite a few setbacks I have. At some point, I also stopped feeling sorry for myself and actually carried on and did something with my life. I figured out what I want to be and where I belong and this level of transcendence and self-actualization would not have been in any way possible had I stayed in a relationship because I learned to stop defining my happiness and myself with the person I was with. Now I can say that the source of my happiness and contentment comes from myself and my advocacy. Suffice to say, I learned to depend on myself and I think I needed that a lot. I wouldn't be able to do all these things and realize all these unless I was all by myself. It's a funny thing when people say that when "God closes a door, he opens a window," because after spending sufficient time reflecting, I think the more appropriate thing to say is that when "God closes a door and shuts the window... it's because He is building an entirely new and better house for yourself..." And isn't that just a lovely thought?

 Black Cropped Wool Pea Coat: Zara (also worn HERE)
Checkered White Silk Strapless Dress: Zara
Vintage Belt with Silver and Gold Steel Details: Versace (also worn HERE)
Patent Leather Mary Jane Shoes: Zara
Caviar Leather 2.55 Bag: Chanel (also worn HERE)
South Sea Pearl Earrings with Diamonds: Mikimoto (also worn HERE)
 Rose Gold and Silver Watch: Charriol (also worn HERE)


Now that I am in this good place, I have also learned the importance of family and now, I am actually appreciating their presence and (believe it or not) truly spending time with my parents. I think they are amazing people and I treasure my family so much and have so much fun having those cute family dates and nights out. Yes, I do spend my Friday and/or Saturdays with my parents and my siblings and I actually love and enjoy it. It's a strange thing that I am only realizing this now that I am almost 28 years old... but, hey, better late than never right? My Friday nights used to consist of either going out and clubbing (when I was single) or having date night or DVD night (when I was in a relationship). Now, I enjoy getting to spend it bonding with my family and actually playing third wheel to my parents...and doing so is actually my own choice and preference... nobody forced me into it. I figured these things all by myself. The thing that I appreciate in spending time with my family is that our activities do not revolve around food and eating. We enjoy watching plays and concerts to avoid the risk of me getting exposed to something I might be allergic to. On the night I wore this outfit, I was actually with my parents and my FOSSIL Domz and we watched Priscilla: Queen of the Dessert over at *say it with me in a whisper* Resorts World Manila. The show was hilarious and the cast was amazing. I had quite the time of my life laughing a lot and enjoying the audio visual masterpiece before my eyes. Since I was young, I loved watching plays and was able to catch quite a lot so I am one of those people who actually apply the concept of situational dressing when it involves going to a theater to watch a play. For this night, my choice was a white grid dress in silk from Zara paired with a cropped pea coat (also from Zara) which I added on to my outfit to keep me warm as I know how ridiculously cold it can get when inside. The most interesting thing about this outfit is that I actually bought it from Zara Autumn/Winter collection... Circa 2006. (Yes, I was wearing pea coats and cute strapless dress even before it was cool! Haha!) I am glad to have these pieces in my closet as they are very good investment pieces because almost nine years after purchasing these two articles of clothing (bought on separate occasions by the way), I can still actually wear it and look cool in it. That's the power of investing in classic and timeless pieces versus trendy ones. After some time of confinement in your closet, when you find it again and decide to take it out for a night out, you discover that it has managed to live out through the years and all the trends that came along with it. This was quite a wake up call because it has reinforced me to invest in clothes that will never go out of style. Wardrobe Basics 101. I think I aced it!

Anyway, a lot of what I am writing along with my outfit posts involve me rambling endlessly about life and happiness and I apologize for that... You see, I usually write about how I feel and how I am and right now, I am in pure bliss and serenity. All along, I thought that happiness was all about being romantically involved with someone... I never thought that it was when I went on a solo journey that I would be able to realize so many things and also learn so much about myself and what would make me fulfilled and content. I have trained myself to find the blessing in everything and I think that's a big deal. John Lennon (a person I am glad to be sharing the same initials with- JL) once said, "Life is what happens when you're too busy making other plans," and I have to agree with him... hands down. Sometimes, a step towards a different direction leads you exactly where you need to be. 

Here's the thing (and I hope you remember this...) some day, you will find what you are looking for...or maybe you won't... maybe you will find something greater than that...

xx, JL

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