Jan 30, 2014

Let It Go

I wore this delicate and feminine outfit to a business meeting which totally contradicts the whole point of this ensemble, as it was for a Board of Directors meeting (in which I am a Director) and instead of being fierce and looking all macho, I chose to go the opposite route.. "my personality is strong enough, a bold outfit might just send someone crying," I reckoned. So I chose to look like a delicate rose in tulle and pastel and lace in an outfit I would perhaps consider more appropriate for ladies who lunch/brunch or for Afternoon High Tea. I needed to balance out my personality (and my remarks) against how I looked, which I love since people tend to underestimate me until I shock them with the amount of strength, fierceness and power I possess (well, actually a razor sharp tongue, a vocabulary full of scathing remarks, a quick-witted mind and an indomitable will are all amazing add-ons.) I must say, looking like a delicate china doll works to my advantage since people don't expect me to talk and dismiss my role as someone who will just sit and be pretty... that is until I open my mouth and give you a run down of what I think. My dad prides me for being so and usually finds my walking commentaries and remarks quite amusing. I guess, he too, sometimes forgets that his pride and joy can be so candid and astute.

Jan 29, 2014

Today Has Been Okay

Rarely do I wear a simple outfit with my hair up but this day, I guess I just wasn't in the zone. Hey, sometimes, I have off days too. I was feeling under the weather and got the two most comfortable things in my closet: my over sized top from Zara which I wear almost all the time and a comfortable pair of leggings... how much simple and casual can I get? On this day, I also decided to challenge the "black does not match with black" fashion rule by wearing gray/black paired with brown Zara heels with an amazing ankle cuff (a classic and a personal favorite of mine!) and of course, the one thing that instantly jazzes up every outfit of mine: my Hermes Birkin. I also paired it with layered bib necklaces to keep the look consistent with my accessories. If you know me well enough, let me fill you in on a secret: one tell-tale sign of the degree of lazy/ under the weather/ not feeling it is when I put all my hair up (including the bangs) and putting it up in a clean bun using my perfect bun maker. It's the easiest solution to fixing you hair when you're not in the mood, which I must say, I am not as I am feeling a bit under the weather because of the cold weather- which I am not into- at all.