Jan 22, 2014

Emerald City

Knit Long-Sleeved Crop Top: Zara | Tafetta A-Line Highwaisted Midi Skirt: Sheinside.com | Faux Emerald Chandelier Earrings and Statement Gem Necklace: GoJane.com | Green with Gold Hardware Clutch: Christian Dior | Strappy Patent Shoes with Patent Leather: Zara

Nothing spells 1950's glam than a ribbed knit top (to give the illusion of leotards) paired with a full midi tafetta skirt (which is shiny and in an elegant forest green shade) and this exactly was my outfit for a celebratory dinner out to honor my boyfriend's birthday. I chose this outfit purposely because I wanted to go for a classic, elegant vibe with my JL twist (via the excessorizing) but mostly because it was conservative which was perfect for dinner out with my boyfriend and his family over at his favorite restaurant, My Kitchen by Chef Chris which I have to say serves amazing Italian food. I do not find it in anyway hard to dress with Andrew's parents and I do not try so hard since I know I can be myself with them- a week and a half in the hospital made us bond intensely- but I was raised well by my parents not to be too comfortable, to behave in a respectful way and of course to dress appropriately at all times. I find that dressing appropriately does not just apply for a night out with the parents but in daily life events in general. Dressing appropriately is a major way to show people you respect them and that I think makes a statement stronger than words. Oh, how I love fashion!

The day I wore this outfit was a beautiful day. Mostly because it was my boyfriend's birthday and how much lovelier can a day get than celebrating a loved one's anniversary of the day they were born? Think about it. I sometimes think that it's been quite a long time since I've experienced a beautiful day but getting to go through one makes you think how lovely it feels and how every day must be spent and felt as such. I mean, how long has it been since we allowed ourselves to notice that it even is a beautiful day? You know what I mean. We all go through times to have the awareness to say, "Oh, I had a glorious morning!" rather than rant, complain or grunt. 

Those of us who live in work in cities have given ourselves obstacles that challenge us to have to work a little harder even to notice what kind of day it is. There was one time, I let two entire days pass me by as I was too busy working and sketching and going through piles of beading and fabric that I was absolutely unaware if the sun was out or if the was night time already. It doesn't help when we get so lost and immersed in what we are doing to notice things as mundane as the type of day it is but sometimes, that is exactly that we need. Type A, neurotic people and control freaks are a difficult bunch to be around. We are hard to work with and hard to work for. Our core form of functioning is control. We do not know the difference between getting the job done and getting the job done well. The same way we forget to tell the difference between getting through the day and getting through a beautiful day. Our belief is that if we can control everything, we are doing our job and we are doing it right. Having this illusion of control is overwhelming and more too often, we find ourselves exhausted and burned out. Also, in trying to maintain this illusionary control, we find our field of vision becomes more and more constricted (as do our blood vessels!) and we are no longer open to new and better things that surround us, such as a magnificent day! For people who do too much, the beautiful day may be noteworthy only in the absence of hassle that rain, severe traffic or losing battery in our cell phones. Ultimately we have to start asking ourselves: are these the elements that define how our day is? A beautiful day then, only becomes the vehicle to get more done because it is convenient. There are other options.

xx, JL

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