Jan 29, 2014

Today Has Been Okay

Rarely do I wear a simple outfit with my hair up but this day, I guess I just wasn't in the zone. Hey, sometimes, I have off days too. I was feeling under the weather and got the two most comfortable things in my closet: my over sized top from Zara which I wear almost all the time and a comfortable pair of leggings... how much simple and casual can I get? On this day, I also decided to challenge the "black does not match with black" fashion rule by wearing gray/black paired with brown Zara heels with an amazing ankle cuff (a classic and a personal favorite of mine!) and of course, the one thing that instantly jazzes up every outfit of mine: my Hermes Birkin. I also paired it with layered bib necklaces to keep the look consistent with my accessories. If you know me well enough, let me fill you in on a secret: one tell-tale sign of the degree of lazy/ under the weather/ not feeling it is when I put all my hair up (including the bangs) and putting it up in a clean bun using my perfect bun maker. It's the easiest solution to fixing you hair when you're not in the mood, which I must say, I am not as I am feeling a bit under the weather because of the cold weather- which I am not into- at all. 

Over Sized Asymmetrical Hem Deconstructed Shirt: Zara | Black Leggings: Zara | Perfect Bun Maker: Glitterati | Gold Bib Necklace: +RUCKUS | Bag: Hermes Birkin | South Sea Pearls: Mikimoto | Watch: Rolex | Bracelet: Charriol

I have been having a lot of alone time lately being a homebody and all and I just think it's nice to have time to remember, to sift, to weigh, to estimate and to total. Such a little thing: finding time alone. I have often felt that if I took time off for myself, I am taking it away from my family, my friends and loved ones or my work, and therefore it must be a perversion. So many little moments of the day are so precious to us... to me, more so, granted I am almost always with someone and am accompanied by my entourage of my driver, yaya, nurse and bodyguard... my bodyguard goes with me inside clubs or bars (and it hard to evade him really because he watches me like a hawk) and he is tasked to go with me when I go to the loo in the mall...he waits outside of course. I reckon I rarely find myself alone. Those few moments after we have sent everyone else off for the day and we can breathe... those times alone when no one around knows us or can intrude... those sighing times in the bathroom taking a long and luxurious bath when nobody is there...and even those stolen moments alone, sitting in my desk, reading or writing are so precious to us. I have realized that I find it quite a predicament: how is it that one can never be alone but always be lonely? I have yet to find a solution for this. But I guess it's all right to want to have time alone. Moments alone and our need for them are not a perversion... they are a life-giving force.

xx, JL

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