Jan 2, 2014

Just a dream...

Yes, there are certain moments when I am not myself and am at loss for words. Today is because I am nursing a fever but this dress is too beautiful- in a muted pale peach satin hue- that makes it absolutely too gorgeous not to share with everyone. The dress in itself, was a complete outfit and I loved it so much. 

The plus size of having NO ASSETS and for being a RULER (with absolutely no curves at all) is that I can wear the most hubadera dresses without having to worry about anything falling out or having a peekaboo wardrobe malfunction. That's something I can get away with. There are, as with every body type, cons to having no shape at all but I am all for loving the body you have and I think we should just all stop complaining.

PS: This the first New Year's I didn't have any aesthetic-related New Year's Resolution and it's just refreshing.

xx, JL

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