Jan 30, 2014

Let It Go

I wore this delicate and feminine outfit to a business meeting which totally contradicts the whole point of this ensemble, as it was for a Board of Directors meeting (in which I am a Director) and instead of being fierce and looking all macho, I chose to go the opposite route.. "my personality is strong enough, a bold outfit might just send someone crying," I reckoned. So I chose to look like a delicate rose in tulle and pastel and lace in an outfit I would perhaps consider more appropriate for ladies who lunch/brunch or for Afternoon High Tea. I needed to balance out my personality (and my remarks) against how I looked, which I love since people tend to underestimate me until I shock them with the amount of strength, fierceness and power I possess (well, actually a razor sharp tongue, a vocabulary full of scathing remarks, a quick-witted mind and an indomitable will are all amazing add-ons.) I must say, looking like a delicate china doll works to my advantage since people don't expect me to talk and dismiss my role as someone who will just sit and be pretty... that is until I open my mouth and give you a run down of what I think. My dad prides me for being so and usually finds my walking commentaries and remarks quite amusing. I guess, he too, sometimes forgets that his pride and joy can be so candid and astute.

Lace Camisole Top: Zara | Printed Pastel Polka Dot Rose Skirt with Tulle Hem: Zara | Pastel Blazer: Mango | Quilted Stam Bag: Marc Jacobs | Nude Pumps with Ankle Strap: GoJane.com | Sunglasses: Prada | Accessories: Forever21 | Watch: Charriol

Hair Extensions: STYLD.Extensions 
(Yes, these were my straight ones but it's so fabulous you can straighten, curl, wash and basically treat these extensions like real human hair!)


What do I think of the people who are dismissive of me, you might ask. My answer is: I don't really think of them too much. The thing with me is that I have an extraordinary talent (or is it a curse? I don't really know) of letting go so easily. In the day to day basis, I possibly let go of so many things like personnel problems, errors in production or in business operations which any entrepreneur is always bound to come across and then even more things, like scrutiny, the harassment I get from toxic people from others' past, negative (and absolutely rude) comments about myself which range from physical, personal, psychological and then downright psychotic attacks that people just love to shower me with-as I am sure any blogger, exposing themselves to the public eye, will always have to deal with. It comes with the territory and I chose this line of work, I argue with myself when I try to take control and block these off. But blocking off things can only do so much and I have learned that keeping emotions in is basically a Catch-22 (for those of you unfamiliar with the term, this means basically a situation where an attempt to escape makes escape impossible)  so I decided to take them for what they are, deal with them and then let it go. From the moment I made this decision, I must say, I find myself feeling absolutely refreshed on a daily basis... ready to take on the world again. On a more long-term basis, my talent/curse of letting go easily can be applied especially in relationships (wherein when I find a bond with anyone, be it a friend, a suitor, an employee or a boyfriend, no longer good for me, I make the proactive decision to cut ties and let them go...this of course does not apply to immediate family). I've been called cut throat and a heartless bitch so many times I can't even keep up anymore but the fallacies and appeals that one might use to make me want to stay or the "let's not forget about the past and what we've been through" route of argument just doesn't appeal to me. As an effect, the cliche, "You have to learn to let go" is rarely said to me and people usually beg for me to hold on, which I don't because I am as decisive as I am stubborn.

You see, Christiane Northrup once said, "Foggy thinking, dizziness, and recurring headaches may be signals that it is time to let go of something in your life that isn't working" and granted I already have enough ailments that can trigger such symptoms, I think it is just fair that my life situations do not cause me that. Something isn't working, you might complain. Well when something isn't working you have to let it go. I know, I know... What a preposterous idea. Our generation, I think, was trained to see something that isn't working as a call to arms. We can work a little harder, push a little harder, do a bit more, TRY HARDER, TRY harder... try harder. I mean we were trained to think that letting go is basically the same as giving up. The thing is, life in its normal state is a series of cycles, a series of beginnings and endings, a series of changes. We are probably the only species willing to make ourselves sick by holding on to something that has already passed. It is very strange that often, when we are willing to let go, truly willing, then everything shifts and letting go may not be the issue anymore.

Letting go is usually a statement of personal power... Not a defeat nor a sign of weakness.
(This is Part 1 of my Letting Go entries.. expect more to come...)

xx, JL

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