Jun 22, 2012

Blocking Out The Friction


 You think you got me figured out.

You hide behind the computer screens so that you don't have to be seen
How could a person be so mean
Who are you-and what do you do
That makes you think you are above me
But have you walked in my shoes?
 The pedestal
You put yourself on
Well since I'm breaking it down now
It's gonna collapse and be gone

Jun 19, 2012

Fit-All-You-Can: A Smorgasbord Of All Things FIT

There are two things I am very much into and if you follow me on my blog, twitter, instafram or Facebook you will know what it is.... It involves 2Fs.... FASHION and FITNESS. Yes I love my Loubotin heels and Chanel purses as much as I love to wear my Nike Fitness gear and carry my kettlebells. I train a minimum of 4x a week and I think I can say I am quite a gym and fitness junkie. So this event is just perfection...I hope to see you all there!!!!

Pride in the Pinoy: The Mega Ball

Jun 18, 2012

Suddenly I see...

 We humans have two great problems: the first is knowing when to begin; the second is knowing when to stop. 

Jun 13, 2012

National Artist Collectors’ Series Fall 2012: Freeway X Levi Celerio

Fashion and Art were proven to be a fated tandem ever since FREEWAY introduced its National Artist Collectors’ Series in 2009.  This innovative brand continues to collaborate with our National Artists to fuel the strong commitment of reintroducing the Philippines Arts & Culture to the younger generation, thus making Fashionalism hip and relevant.

This Fall, Freeway has officially gone galactic with one of the most loved form of art and the universal language of mankind, Music.  Freeway is excited to feature its first National Artist for Music in the Series, Levi Celerio.

Win a 3N/4D Stay at El Nido Resorts Apulit Island!

Deadline for submission of entries is on July 15, 2012

Jun 5, 2012

Life in The So! Fab Lane

I had a shoot for SO! FAB's Summer campaign as a Featured Blogger and with me were fellow bloggers and little girls Nikki (aka. my cousin slash sister) and her bff Anne. Check out their blogs over at http://lapetitefilles.tumblr.com/
It was an extremely FUN shoot and I love how accommodating the SO! FAB team was - the theme was nautical and the shoes were to die for. Sigh.