Jun 15, 2012

Flustered: Bloggers United 3

 A Public Affair
(Top: Zara | Leather Bandeau: Glitterati | Skirt: SheInside.com | Shoes: DAS | Accessories: Extreme Finds | Bag: Queen Street)

I seem to be wearing too much neon in all shades lately, if you noticed. 

I wore this to the much awaited, extremely successful event also known as Bloggers United (The Third Installment) where the top fashion bloggers in the country get together in once place and mingle, meet and greet and sell pre-owned pieces of clothes to readers, followers and fellow bloggers as well. I have been quite religious in attending this event as it is so refreshing to see the lovely faces of my fellow bloggers and get to meet them on a more personal level, however, we rarely do get to bond since our booths are usually packed and at the end of the day,we end up talking to readers more than to each other. However, the unity amongst the bloggers was evident in the event as I saw how each blogger tried to cooperate, help and give their part in making the event a success- which by the way, in so many ways, it was!

I seem to love the pop of colors lately!!!!

When doing a colorful outfit, I prefer to keep my makeup simple. A little shimmer, bronzer and pink lipstick went a long way.

 I, of course, didn't want to be a plain Jane (when was I ever one?) so I added that touch of fierce via my accessories which are the key pieces in my look.

 I did this with 1) my Neon Extreme Finds Accessories  

2) My tribal Queen Street satchel 

and saving the best for the last 3) my one of a kind super fierce and fabulous made to order SPIKED HEEL DAS shoes in neon yellow and orange.

 These shoes were made for walking and they'll be walking over you....

Shoe In Love.

 It was just absolutely incredible to be in these shoes and they literally were the definition of KILLER HEELS as I could easily wound someone accidentally. But hey, I was willing to take the risk! BTW The shoes did not hurt my feet at all- I wore them the whole day and night and I didn't trip, fall or have achy feet after. I call it the Victoria Beckham syndrome, wherein you distort your feet to actually be suited to wearing heels.
You all probably know by now I like my heels high and deadly.


I arrived at around 10 AM and by that time there was a long line of people 2 sets of staircases full of people who wanted to score first dibs on their favorite bloggers pre-owned and some brand new pieces. I decided to wear chiffon in a light weight and casual manner- with a chiffon on chiffon top and skirt ensemble which I later tucked in. The extreme heat also prodded me to ditch the curls and instead put my hair up via my perfect bun maker which btw was a huge hit at my booth.

I did ingress the day before since I was quite competitive to win best booth (and I did...YAAAY) but here's a photo of my super JL's closet inspired booth closed and open....

The venue

When it was still empty...

 My yaya Lynlie, PDN Diane and Driver Lito

The stuff I was going to sell lined up outside my room...

 The Shoes

 The crowd at around 2 PM. Can you believe it?

Winning the 1st prize for BEST BOOTH from Raffles Design Institute which was 1 short term course to Fashion Design or Fashion Marketing and Merchandising. Thank you Raffles and BU3!!!

Photos with blog readers and followers/shoppers
Do link me up with some photos with me if ever so I can post it up!

   It was a pleasure to meet everyone! The #1 comment I got was (in other variations but with the same theme) "I read your blog, you look like Barbie!" I was floored and flattered! I love Barbie and hey, what a compliment to hear that! Please do send me your photos if you have some more!
My Photos from the Event

 I like hanging out with Alpha Couples so I third wheel-ed around power couple and the sweetest pair in the bazaar, Enzo and Domz. I love them.

And then we goofed around in the photo booth....

...And then MORE PHOTOS 

 I bought this cool Kate Spade Tumblr from Domz. 

 With my booth mate, International Blogger Anastasia Siantar of Brown Platform.
She is such a sweetheart! I adore her!

Other Bloggers' Booths...

Best in attendance/ Best Boyfriend Ever. 
My brother Enzo Ladrido who was Domz' booth go to person.

Closing Time....

Till the next! Every Bloggers United gets Bigger and Better! I can't wait!

xx, JL

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