Jun 27, 2012

Eternal Sunshine

Soul Flower.
(Bandeau: Topshop | Skirt: Bershka | Shoes: Michael Antonio | Accessories: Soul Flower)

Nowadays, it's hard to stand out from the crowd in the world of fashion. Trends are available all over and most styles that usually come out are all very similar when it comes to clothing. To the fashionista who wants to stand out, this seems like a huge dilemma. How to make your outfits stand out, more creative and more original? My answer: Accessorize- or in my own term- EXCESSORIZE. 

And what better way to do exactly just that than to flaunt your inner earth angel with the stylishly chic and unique designs of Soul Flower Accessories which highlight earthy, indie, pop art and boho accessories that will surely tickle your accessory obsessed fancy.

Personally, I am one to be all about the bling- I am a studs and spikes girl- but upon seeing these wonderfully crafted pieces, my thinking was changed and I instantly fell in love with how wonderfully constructed and put together each piece was. Beads, of different styles, colors, shapes, were put together in such a way that made sense and the creativity which flowed from the designer showed with the originally crafted items. The color palettes, the combination of print and texture, not to mention, the durability of the products this brand features is definitely superb. As a testament to that, it transformed me into a bohemian fashion loving blogger  ready to do sun salutations and falling in love with the style all over again.I never thought I'd say this but suddenly, earthy and fun accessories became my thing and I am just obsessed with the unique designs and creations of the brand.


Soul flower Accessories is the brainchild of Janina Arias, Monique Odoǹo and Patricia Peralta. The variety and uniqueness the styles of the brand have to offer include that of bohemian, indie, hippie, pop-art and art noveau. Personally, i am amazed at how each piece is hand crafted and one of a kind. A favorite style of mine, being the printed beaded accessories and the mosaic beads, which they add to most bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Also a touch of beaded leather, Murano glass beads, suede or a small charm- be it a peace sign (very hippie) or a leaf or sparrow- can ultimately be something that each person can relate to. It's just quite interesting to me how these girls can create such wonderful designs that their passion and creativity shows in their accessories. 

Fall in love with Soul Flower Accessories with me and check out my favorite pieces from the brand...

Be a proud owner of one of the brand's pieces by purchasing a deal over at Deal Dozen and unleash your earth angel.

xx, JL

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