Jan 31, 2011

This is The Sound of Settling

Basic Training.
Leather studded vest: Cotton On
Tanktop: Topshop
Pants: Mango
Bag: Speedy 30 in Epi Leather from Louis Vuitton
Boots: Random from Rockwell Bazaar
Necklaces: Glimmer by Glitterati
Cuff: Anthology

From spring is in the air to military flair, I seem to transition style and outfit choices, in a snap of a finger. I don't know why but there's something about not wanting to get tied to just one "look" when it comes to my personal style. I like to diversify and there's nothing wrong with that. So for Sunday, I wore a military chic outfit (with army pants and matching lace ups to boot) for a movie date with my brother, Enzo. Quite fitting for the occassion, I needed a "FIGHT" outfit for the movie we were to see which was the best crybaby award movie for this year so far, Love and Other Drugs. I cried buckets and I can name quite a handful of boys who sobbed their way through the flick. Despite the inevitable neurosis and "I can so relate" feeling it brought, I must say, I quite enjoyed it.

Back to the outfit, here's a basic guide on how to master the "military look": Stock up on a surplus of infantry inspired jackets and flashy artillery. The mission? Leave no pants behind. (Source: Marie Claire, March 2010) 1) Gold grommets and studs offset rugged cuts and boxy silhouettes. 2) Detailed cutouts, peeptoes and a hint of bling keep the look from looking too masculine. 3) Stick to a uniform color palette of muted greens, dusty grays and sandy taupes. 4) Avoid cargo pants. Instead, utilitarian pockets are surprisingly chic with a skirt or a vest.

Grommet up, toughen up and Get the look:

Inspirations behind the look:

Jan 30, 2011

Candy coated water drops

Spring is in the air.
Vest: Zara
Floral Maxi Dress: Mango
Shoes: Online
Bag: Vintage Nina Ricci
Necklace: Nicole Whisenhunt
Hair Accessory: Topshop

I've been feeling quite optimistic lately... I figure the sunny weather must have something to do with my sunny and quite cheerful disposition. So on a very sunny Friday when I was to run errands the whole day, I decided to let the sunshine in with a floral maxi day dress with killer accessories to boot under a cropped safari vest. There's nothing to brighten up one's day than a happy outfit and I reckon it kind of worked even if I was a wee bit melodramatic mid-afternoon. I was also able to wear this dress from day to night (yes-the WHOLE day!) as I met with my BFF and friends over at Barcino Rockwell for some good old wining and dining.

Get the look:

One of my happy songs lately:

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