Jan 25, 2011

Been here before...

Lace and Studs.
Blazer: Forever21
Shorts: Ava Lace Shorts from Glitterati
Bustier: Glitterati
Shoes: Soule Phenomenon
Accessories: Glitterati

Archive post, this what I wore to the SuperSale Bazaar turned marathon all out Friday last week. I woke up really early for ingress and booth set-up and then stayed at the Rockwell tent the whole day, since our brand, Glitterati had a booth. I thought I was quit ready to call it a day but then pulled an all-nighter with friends over at Attica. It was intensely tiring but totally worth it...considering I had a blast.

I wore the lace Ava shorts from my brand which I just wore a few posts back since I am totally in love with it and well, I needed to wear something Glitterati to represent my brand and also since it was super comfortable and easy to move around it. I decided to pair it this time with a satin bustier (also Glitterati) and covered up with a studded blazer I got from Forever 21 a few months back.

Get the Look:

Here are some snapshots of the random fun night---

Thanks to stylebible.ph for taking a photo of my outfit the next day (Saturday) since I was unable to. Here it is anyway! Also I finally saw The Black Swan (I came as The Black Swan for Halloween last yr.) and I am beyond amazed. It was mindblowing. Thanks Daphne for yet another blog feature on my costume, btw. Stumbled upon it and I am beyond honored.


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  1. Love your shorts!



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