Jan 27, 2011

You Make Denial Into Some Kind of Fashion....

I live for GLITTER, not for you.
Cropped top w/studs: Topshop
Tank top: Topshop
Sequined hot pants: H&M
Stockings: Marks and Spencer
Purse: Deuville Bag by Louis Vuitton
Shoes: Michael Antonio

Felt very disco and semi-Edie Sedgick inspired thus the tights and leotards-ish look for a hyped up Thursday for a little errands (yes I wore this the whole day) and then some friendly competition at Ronza for Music Trivia night. I shimmered and glittered the whole night due to the very sparkly gold sequined shorts that matched perfectly the glittery Michael Antonio pumps I got over the holidays. Tamed that look with a simple cropped top layered over a long tank top.

Get the look: (its as easy as this...)

Photos from the night:





  1. i love your outfit! especially with your hair down :)

  2. you rock this so hard, JL!! only you can pull off sparkling gold.

    boat ride through the sky

  3. So glittery!



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