Jan 9, 2011

Meet me halfway

Music vs. Dance
Top (used as dress): Zara
Knit thigh high socks: Topshop
Shoes: Zara
Purse: Topshop
Necklaces: Assorted

It was another very busy day. I had to run around to do errands and then had to head on to a quick trip to Rockwell for the Zara Sale which officially started that day. The lines were intense and there were quite awesome finds there but I was quite disappointed to see how some of my unworn purchases were practically 50% off. I made a mental note to myself to never save clothes and wear what I buy ASAP to avoid such disappointment. I guess I'm the kind of girl who buys stuff and saves it for a specific occasion that does not come before SALE season hits.

I wore this long top/ tunic which caused my mom's instant reaction to be: "Are you wearing shorts under that?" Naturally I was since exhibitionist isn't really a trait of mine. The reason for this outfit revolved around the socks. I had recently purchased thigh high knit socks from Topshop in gray, brown and beige. I noticed some bruises on my upper leg that I had to seriously coverup and since I was quite hesitant to wear pants, I went for said thigh high socks. It did work quite marvelously to cover up without being too out there.



Glitterati will be at The SuperSale Bazaar this weekend, January 14-16,2010 where our pcs. will be on SALE along with other fabulous brands, up t0 70% off. See you there.
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Glitterati: In Focus at Manila Street Style.
Thanks for the wonderful crew behind the site for this feature article! Such an honor!

Click link to read FULL article: http://www.manilastreetstyle.com/glitterati-shop


Also thank you to Hen of Teenage Daydreams for choosing my tutu outfit as part of her top looks for the week. Check our her site at TEENAGEDAYDREAMS.BLOGSPOT.COM

Wheeew! That was a lot! I am sensing it shall be a pretty eventful week!




  1. Love it :)))


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  2. Amazing outfit! Really love your overknees and top!

  3. Great choice....its never to short enough


  4. I really like your bag! Don't think I'd be bold enough to wear a tshirt as a dress but it looks good on you!

  5. Love your top!


  6. Wow thank you for the reference!
    You look lovely as always :)


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