Feb 28, 2011

Rapid Hope Loss

Sometimes you've got to fold before you're found out.
Tulle with embroidered trim cape: Topshop
Tank top: Topshop
Skirt: Glitterati
Shoes: Online
Bag: Chanel
Necklace: +Ruckus

Wore this outfit to Music Trivia Night which is sort of a Thursday tradition with friends over at Ronza. I was quite lazy to dress up that day so I settled for all black and then a kimono type cape as a cover-up / something to make the outfit a little less bland. Unfortunately, it was yet another wrong call, on my part as I froze that night and incessantly played with my useless cover up since it didn't really cover anything and provided zero warmth whatsoever. I find it strange I've been shivering a lot lately... what is up with that?

Another blacked out blur night which I should not have done again as I had a very early morning shoot the next day for something I shall share very very soon. Hope my laziness and shivering somehow worked to my advantage.





Feb 26, 2011

Rusty Halo

Amber is the color of your energy.
Dress: Zara
Shoes: Michael Antonio
Bag: Gucci
Earrings: Forever 21
Bracelet: Assorted

I got a tan (actually a lobster sunburn at first) from a beach getaway weekend thus the very summer vibe...Notice though the mistake I have to live with though for 2-3 weeks (please let it fade now!) which is the rosary henna that is very visible on my foot, an effect of dehydration and diphenhydramine (IM) drunkenness combined with decision making and a strong urge to act out on my stupid ideas. So lucky I dodged a bullet as it is TEMPORARY and not something I have to live with forever.

Anyway I was so bright and glittery the whole day... I guess I just wanted a loud color to highlight my now darker skin and this seemed like the perfect dress to do so. I realized I was quite hard to miss that Tuesday when I wore this for the weekly family din-din followed by some BFF catching up and business meeting over at Barcino (a wine place) at, where else, Rockwell.
The thing I really love about the dress is that it has such a distinct Missoni feel to it, given that zigzag knits in multiple hues and tones are the Italian brand's signature look. On a related note, the thing I really hated about the dress is that is originally meant to be worn as a cover up...but being the rebel I am, I braved the cold mall air-conditioning and basically froze (fabulously) the whole night. Note to self: save the cover ups for the beach, no matter how amazing they look.


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Feb 25, 2011

I'd rather be at the beach...

I am a major beach enthusiast. I don't really know if people actually know that about me given I am not really the one-with-nature outdoor-sy kind of girl but there is something about sun, sand and sea that always calms and soothes me. Last week, I got the chance to visit two beautiful beaches we decided to acquire property from and it was pretty delightful. The beaches were heavenly (close to paradise, but not quite yet...though given it is just a 2 hour drive away, it's prolly the best there is, for the distance.

Beach #1. Laiya, Batangas

Beach #2. Punta Fuego. Nasugbu, Batangas

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