Feb 14, 2011

Little Miss Sunshine for my 24th

Little Miss Sunshine.
Dress: Lanvin x H&M
Belt: Glitterati
Earrings: Forever21
Sunglasses: Charles and Keith
Bag: Fendi Vernice Matrix B-bag
Shoes: Online

For my official birthday, my family decided to treat me out for a "Champagne Brunch" at RED, Makati Shangril-la and I had the best meal ever, plus wine & bubbly of course. The dress, I got from H&M was divine and perfectly suited for the lunch, considering I haven't been out officially to a social thing while the sun is out. I usually just do errands so I was quite confused as to what I was to wear. I decided not to use the belt and changed it with a studded one from my brand Glitterati to tweak the outfit a bit and also wore the one shoulder on the other side (this was accidental though as I was unaware I had it on backwards the whole time). Not to make the classic mistake of wearing a ruffled one shoulder with hair covering the detail, I commissioned my favorite maid, Armi to do a very summery boho braided bun to go with the look. Chose a contrasting pair of earrings (in turquoise) to veer away from the yellow and black and then wore my favorite black Fendi purse which was gifted to me 4 birthdays ago.

I had a blast on my 4-day birthday celebration. Capped the night off with friends and it was a perfect way to spend my day. 24 doesn't seem so bad after all!


Get the look:

Photos from my birthday brunch with my awesome family:





  1. what a lovely outfit! your hair look beautiful worn like that :)

  2. You look more fabulous at 24! :) I love the dress and how you added a twist into it. You look soo pretty!

  3. I like the dress! So cute!


  4. Young, beautiful, and fabulous (not in any order)! Sunshine is more than appropriate to describe your outfit because your beauty absolutely shines from top to bottom. Those sandals are absolutely fierce along with the handbag. It's a lovely combination of a girly cute asymmetrical dress paired with some tough sandals. You are one lovely young lady!



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