Feb 12, 2011

I wrote the gospel on giving up (and looking pretty sinking)...

Dress: Rodarte for Target
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Fendi Vernice Matrix Limited Edition B-Bag
(Again, sorry for the scraped knee...I wasn't kidding when I had the bandaid on!)

For my 2nd birthday celebration, this time with my entire clan (from aunt, uncles, grandparents and cousins), I was semi-inspired to go all Black Swan subconsciously (I think) because I watched the movie for like the 5th time again while dressing up. I guess I have that thing where I am easily influenced by what I see/hear as I prepare for going out. If you remember, I came as the Black Swan last Halloween (Yes, i was so psyched for it circa Ocotber 2010 already).. Check out the costume HERE. I rediscovered my black tulle and lace Rodarte x Target (circa 2009/2010) slip dress which has a cute bow detail in the shoulder part. The dress is divine- very much Rodarte but more ready to wear and I am soooo thankful I invested in it even if I only got to wear it now! (I was saving it for an important occasion and I think welcoming my birthday was special occasion enough). It's lingerie crossed with prima ballerina... what else can be better than that?


Get the Look:

About the Fendi Vernice Matrix B-Bag:

As Keanu would say, “Whoa.” This Fendi Vernice Matrix B Bag is one splashy, glitzy take on the ubiquitous B Bag. The black patent leather could pass for satin, and the famous huge buckles are here embellished with ornate black embroidered patterns and gold closures emblazoned with the double F logo. There’s a certain intoxicating Asian mystique to this very pricey purse, which is sure to be a hit with fashionistas with deep pockets.


Thanks to Tamara of Style Journey for featuring two of my looks in her "Outfit Obsessions of the Week" post. Read the full feature in her blog, STYLE JOURNEY





  1. Happy birthday! You're totally WORKING this look! Just an awesome outfit from top to bottom. Your beauty truly glows like the moon and sparkles like stars here.


  2. I like the dress! What happened to your knee?


  3. Thanks! Joanna, my knee had a wound and i accidentally scraped it again... making it worse :( sigh. Hope it gets healed soon....

  4. Such a cute dress! Wowzers it's like couture!



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