Dec 29, 2010

Cover it up (or something)

Dark and Twisty.
Knit top: Mango
Skirt: Glitterati
Necklace: Ruckus
Boots: Online (forgot where)
Purse: Cole Haan

I decided to wear a maxi skirt on a very gloomy Sunday to cover up the many bruises I now have incurred as a result of multiple falls and bumps from the last day. I think my balance is off, seriously. I got quite sick of apologizing and explaining the bruises and the bandaids so I went the smart girl route and covered them up, with a draped long maxi skirt (in brown this time) from my brand, Glitterati.

Very moody and pessimistic the day I wore this and I am guessing it kinda shows in the color palette I chose. Dark and twisty colors for a dark and twisty girl. I reckon I felt very Mary Kate Olsen meets a bag lady as I wore this outfit as it is a lot less binding than my usual short body con dresses.... a Fendi bag lady, but a bag lady nonetheless. The upside is I got to wear my new bag from my dad which is a woven leather Cole Haan purse which to this day confuses me re: its color. I've been holding a poll with our maids and drivers and so far its a 50-50 on it being gray or army green. Layered on my necklaces (I have worn this chain necklace so many times already cause my cousin made it and i love her!) hand combed my hair (no time or willpower to blowdry, curl or even brush it) and was good to go.

Please just end already, 2010!!!!!


Dec 28, 2010

(If You're Wondering If I Want you To) I Want You To.

My never failing ensemble of gray and black...This is basically my ultimate safe go to get up when I'm too lazy and would want to put little effort in cooking up something to wear. Wore this for a Monday night post-Holidaze get together. Studs, zippers, bondage, metal heels, numerous dogtags.... I love 'em all!

Sorry for the band-aid peeking... I've been falling down a lot lately for some random reason. Must be vertigo...or the really high heels. I blame vertigo.
I just seriously cannot wait for 2010 to be done and over with...I'm lazy day dressing...
Just 2 more days....




Dec 25, 2010

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! This year, I decided to create a white and gold gown for our traditional annual Christmas Eve dinner at Old Manila at The Peninsula Manila. I patterned this dress after seeing it on Marchesa's S/S 2011 catalog and I knew that "THAT" was going to be my Christmas dinner dress right away. It has a huge satin bow at the back and a 2 meter chiffon train which made it inevitable that I was teased the whole night by my cousin and brother as being very bridal. Modified the dress though by making the dress tighter with the body/ base made of white and gold brocade. The chiffon train also was not plain but rather had a pinker cream tone and was embellished by gold metallic flowers. It was a great night of scrumptious food from the new chef, good wine and champagne and of course the best company of loved ones and family. Happy Holidays!!!

It's tradition that I glam it up for our Christmas Eve dinner. In memory of the 3 Christmases I have been on Chictopia, here's a link to the past years' dresses:
2009's Dress
2008's Dress (I had short hair then....)
2007's Dress

The menu for the night was:
(Thanks to Manila Pen's staff for accommodating a special menu for us since I have so many allergies. The chef was genius! One of the best dinners EVER!)

Amuse Bouche
Asparagus Arugula Green Salad with Olive Oil and Vinaigrette
Spiced Foie Gras wrapped in Prosciutto w/ melba toast
Pan Seared foie gras with caramelized apples and pears
Mushroom consomme
Champagne Blueberry Sorbet
Grilled Beef Tenderloin served with pumpkin, baked potato, caramelized shallots and port wine sauce
Layers of raspberries and mango coated mousse with whipped cream
Coffee or Tea and Christmas Cookies
Chocolate Pralines
(+ champagne/ wine for every course!)

And of course, here are some photos of my fabulous and loving family.....

Hope you all had a great Christmas shared with family and loved ones!