Dec 7, 2010

Under Rug Swept

Crop Sequin Top: Cotton On
Tank top: Mango
Skirt: Details
Necklace and cuffs: Glitterati

Rock the Shocker.

Back to my old studded edgy self, I rediscovered my love for studs yet again on a lazy day I just didn’t really want to think about what to wear. When that happens, I usually revert to the tried, tested and never failing…Rocker Chic.

I decided to mix and match textures by pairing a cropped sequined top with a studded skirt to further edge the outfit out…it was after all an outfit that was to transition from day to night. I added my studded cuffs (different shapes of studs there) and my favorite fringed purse that seriously can hold all my stuff and at the same time be so easy to carry. Finished off with my shoe boots (wore it about a zillion times already!) and was good to go.

Hope it worked somehow! Till the next post!




  1. you always look so glamourous, JL! you're totally working that sexy rocker vibe!!

    boat ride through the sky

  2. Hot skirt - love it!
    Also loving the look of the stacked bracelets!

  3. that's a lovely outfit! the top reflects the light and makes you glow, wonderful!

    xxx Charlie
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  4. Love this combination so badly! Your skirt is fab!!

  5. Everything Makes me want to try that clothes too. Superbly glamourous.

  6. this is soooo GLAM! and you always are!

  7. love the contrast between the edgy rocker outfit and your doll face!!! beautiful! :D

    Animated Confessions

  8. You so look like a badass rock chick here! Awesome, I love it! :)

  9. Wow, i love those heels!!

    Check out my shoe design blog too? All my designs are hand-drawn also.

    Take care x

  10. Love this outfit! It is really cute.

    Kirstin Marie


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