Dec 29, 2010

Cover it up (or something)

Dark and Twisty.
Knit top: Mango
Skirt: Glitterati
Necklace: Ruckus
Boots: Online (forgot where)
Purse: Cole Haan

I decided to wear a maxi skirt on a very gloomy Sunday to cover up the many bruises I now have incurred as a result of multiple falls and bumps from the last day. I think my balance is off, seriously. I got quite sick of apologizing and explaining the bruises and the bandaids so I went the smart girl route and covered them up, with a draped long maxi skirt (in brown this time) from my brand, Glitterati.

Very moody and pessimistic the day I wore this and I am guessing it kinda shows in the color palette I chose. Dark and twisty colors for a dark and twisty girl. I reckon I felt very Mary Kate Olsen meets a bag lady as I wore this outfit as it is a lot less binding than my usual short body con dresses.... a Fendi bag lady, but a bag lady nonetheless. The upside is I got to wear my new bag from my dad which is a woven leather Cole Haan purse which to this day confuses me re: its color. I've been holding a poll with our maids and drivers and so far its a 50-50 on it being gray or army green. Layered on my necklaces (I have worn this chain necklace so many times already cause my cousin made it and i love her!) hand combed my hair (no time or willpower to blowdry, curl or even brush it) and was good to go.

Please just end already, 2010!!!!!



  1. I really love your top! New look on you! :)


  2. ive been following ur blog and i lurveee it alot...great clothes and inspirations.....but im also worried with ur bruising thought they were shaving marks etc....and now ur saying ur balance is off...have urself checked and hoping its not something to worry about....happy new year and more gorgeous pics from u for the year 2011...:)

  3. This outfit is soo stunning!! I madly love your skirt!!

  4. Love the bag and the shoes!

  5. i love your outfit, especially the shoes! :))

    Happy New Year! :D


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