Dec 28, 2010

(If You're Wondering If I Want you To) I Want You To.

My never failing ensemble of gray and black...This is basically my ultimate safe go to get up when I'm too lazy and would want to put little effort in cooking up something to wear. Wore this for a Monday night post-Holidaze get together. Studs, zippers, bondage, metal heels, numerous dogtags.... I love 'em all!

Sorry for the band-aid peeking... I've been falling down a lot lately for some random reason. Must be vertigo...or the really high heels. I blame vertigo.
I just seriously cannot wait for 2010 to be done and over with...I'm lazy day dressing...
Just 2 more days....





  1. great outfit! And i think these wedges are freaking awsome!!

  2. The wedges are gorgeous!


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