Dec 6, 2010

Dance yourself silly


Dress: Glitterati
Purse: Ferragamo
Accessories: Forever 21
Hair accessory: DIY
Shoes: ALDO
Blazer: H&M

Saturday Night Live.

Went out with my BFF, Nina and her boyfriend to toast to Glitterati's 2nd year Anniversary and we decided to check out an ultra hip neo-Japanese sake bar/ resto called ROBOT which was quite amazing. I decided to wear a super hot Glitterati dress (in honor of my brand of course) from our new Holiday collection 2010. It's quite a simple jersey strapless LBD with an awesome mesh detail at the middle part, which also features a peek of skin in the waist area without being too vulgar or revealing. All in all, the perfect single girl's Little Black Dress for a Saturday night out. I decided to cover it up though with a mini H&M bolero blazer with a cute Military rope trim...It is after all quite chilly esp. with December starting off.

I loved the concept and the design so much of the place ROBOT, I took so much photos....

My BFF Nina, her boyfriend Jed and me (third-wheeling)

Out from under.
Who would not love upside down tables (below) and constant light change all over? (the place lights up in red, amber, purple, blue)

Disco ball Bathroom.
I dreamed of a wall covered top to toe in mosaic disco ball mirrors. This was way phenomenal.
The sink is so sci-fi too I love it!

Longest bathroom break ever. Vanity at its purest!

And there's an LCD screen too inside the cubicle!!!!

Went to Attica after (as always) and had an early but fun Saturday night out.
Happy 2nd anniversary Glitterati!

(Do wait for our Holiday collection- to be released this week!)
I know you'll love it.


  1. Lovely outfit and I think that dress is amazing!!

  2. I love the clothes ! Gorgeous pictures and you are soooo beautiful !
    Come follow me back !
    I am on Chictopia too :)
    LOVE your blog !

  3. i loooved this night! let's robot soon!! ;) xx

  4. Great look!!

  5. congrats!!! :D looking so posh and classy!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  6. Omg that place looks so cool babe!!! :D


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