Aug 20, 2012

COMFIT SHOES: Walk Comfortably

Comfit Shoes
Walk Comfortably

MANILA, Philippines – At long last, prayers of the young and hip shoe-aholics have been answered. Something sassy, trendy, and comfy has just stepped into the scene… Comfit

Finally, a brand with a wide range of fashionable footwear that is low on the price tag but high on style takes a big step in the metro. Proud of its chic designs, Comfit mainly prides itself with shoes that put women’s feet at ease. For the brand, comfort is essential and should never be forgone just for aesthetics.

ROBE DI KAPPA: Italian Sporty Casual Wear Brand NOW IN PHILIPPINES

Robe Di Kappa
New, no nonsense lifestyle clothing

 Iconic Italian apparel brand Robe di Kappa successfully opened its first store in the Philippines at the 2nd level of The Podium Mall in Ortigas. Also its first ever branch in Asia, the Italian elegant casual wear brand aims to capitalize on key countries whose interest for classic apparel and true European fashion proves to be a worthy venture.

Aug 19, 2012

KOTEX® Steps Up for the Modern Working Woman

 We are living in the age of the Modern Maria Clara.

Gone are the days when societal norms forced women to compromise their dreams and passions. Timidity, subservience and helplessness are now a thing of the past; women are now empowered to be outspoken, dynamic, self-motivated, proactive and confident. It’s no surprise that more and more Filipinas are now occupying a large percentage of the workforce, if not making their way up the corporate ladder.

However, the Modern Maria Clara still requires a respite from the chaos of daily life to find the energy to pursue her goals and passions. Unfortunately, that time of the month can transform bedtime into an absolute nightmare. The fear of leakage and making a mess on her bed sheets can steal precious hours of sleep, mess up her schedule and ruin her mood the next day.

When I Look At The World

Aug 8, 2012

Where I'm from, Everyone is a Hero

 "Clouds and darkness surround us, yet Heaven is just, and the day of triumph will surely come, when justice and truth will be vindicated."

Aug 4, 2012

By Your Side

Fabulous Finds

I have been known to be a hoarder to the point I actually had to move my closet to a room. Yes, my so-called walk in closet is one entire room. And despite the fact I always hold Garage Sales, my closet cannot seem to stop overflowing with fabulous finds. What can I say? I love supporting local brands and I am one lucky girl to be given the chance to receive beautiful items from wonderful brands. For the record,I don't blog about something just because it's free- the items I post are things I would totally wear AND use and I love these brands and their products. 
Here's a feature on what made my week a great one....

1) I am into the whole tribal thing. If you noticed, I've been a great fan of the trend. Combine tribal AND neon and that makes me one happy girl. This is why I love this bright tribal purse from Tonic. Expect to see me wearing this A LOT.