Aug 16, 2012

On A Day Like Today

 My Favorite Thing Is To Go Where I've Never Been


Top: Estelle from Zalora | Shorts: Zara | Tanktop: Zara | Bag: Tonic | Shoes: Flipped Out Cockatoos

I made a remarkable change and decided to go for FLATS (Yes, flats...on a Friday) because (1) I love this beige and neon oxfords I got from Flipped Out Cockatoos and (2) I had quite the bruises and sprain as a result of my dedication to proving gravity exists...which is my nice way of saying that I am an extreme klutz. I seem to trip, fall, stumble and slide all the time and these mishaps are as some people put it, things that can probably only happen to me... aka. "it's a JL thing." The flats were a great break from my 6-inchers, but I still live by the saying, the higher the heels, the closer to heaven. What a refreshing change though.

To go where you have never been, whether internally or externally, is always exciting. The excitement may be covered over by fear or trepidation. Yet I have always found that somewhere deep inside us, we are excited when we have the opportunity to explore the unknown. Our explorations may take different forms: we love to try out a new recipe or ensemble, we love to try out a new idea or ideology; we love to visit new places and learn different views. We are adept at courageously launching into hidden and unknown areas in ourselves and others. In spite of our fears, there is a deep quest for our truth in each of us. Even if we do prefer a road map for our journeys, sometimes we should be willing to go without one if we must. 


xx, JL

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