Aug 10, 2012

I was a kaleidescope...

 Control (or the lack thereof)

Top: Topshop | Leggings: Iconique | Shoes: DAS | Accessories: I'm Girlie | Bag: Parisian by SM | Bracelet: Leviathan Accessories

Today, I took a risk a rediscovered print and pattern with these awesome heel-less shoes from DAS and graffiti printed leggings from Iconique. Far from what I'd usually prefer to wear but I took a risk and had fun wearing this outfit- it definitely brightened mood despite the very sad rainy situation my country has gone through. 

One of the greatest joys in life is to be in search of one thing and to discover another. Before I became more aware, we were so controlling that surprises struck terror i my heart even when they were wonderful. I just didn't want anything coming at me that wasn't planned, structured, and under control. Now I realize that trying to control everything has been one of the ways that I have robbed myself of the joys of living.


No wonder life has seemed dull at times---we have made it that way. It's not that the potential of joy wasnt there. We were just too busy and controlling to notice it. The pure joyfulness of the unexpected can lead you far from where you want to be- but it can bring you where you belong.

xx, JL


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