Aug 6, 2012

For What Reason

 A Color Story.
(Blazer, Blouse & Trousers: Zara | Shoes: Zara | Book Clutch: 37LA | Sunglasses: Prada)

So I chose to dress up in top to toe Zara for a Board of Directors quarterly meeting at Tower Club where we reviewed certain aspects of our company in terms of performance and goals achievement. I always trust Zara for business appropriate wear- I guess I just love the designs and the classic cuts- and I am at that age where elegance takes precedence over trends...and if I am lucky (like in this case), perhaps get to combine both. I always love business meetings and I am quite happy to be at 25 years old, a Director of two corporations, an entrepreneur and brand owner and a fashion blogger on the side trying to share my style adventures... I do wish to take on so much more and conquer much much more endeavors.

"I don't give myself credit for what I do get done because I have so many projects hanging fire that I haven't done"
We workaholics are the type of people who see a glass half-empty instead of half-full. It is much easier to see what we haven't done than it is to see what we have done. Often if we just stop to take stock, we have really accomplished quite a bit. In fact, we probably have been a wee bit close to the edge of working wonders.

Unfortunately, we miss the opportunity to marvel at our wonders because we have so much set up still to do that what we have done pales into insignificance in relation to what is (always!) yet to be done. Ugly is in the eye of the beholder. This day that I wore this outfit to a Board of Directors Meeting was an awareness day for what I have accomplished. Celebrations may be in order. Cheers! 

xx, JL


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