Aug 13, 2012

Gold, Guns, Girls

  “People seldom do what they believe in. They do what is convenient, then repent.”

Cropped Top: Topshop | Skirt: The Second Shop | Shoes: Miss Sixty | Belt: Glitterati | Bag: Marc Jacobs| Necklaces: Frou Frou and I Am.Girlie

A favorite quotation of mine from Bob Dylan which reflects the whirlwind of emotions I have been going through lately. but enough of that negativity and on to the outfit...

I absolutely love Sundays! Spent with the two people nearest and dearest to my heart, I don't mind playing third wheel and in my own words, "I live in my own world, where everything revolves around me while the two of them are just backdrops." Naturally, I was kidding when I said this... joking around, as I realized is a rather amusing way to go about situations, and I recommend everyone give it a try. Life's too short to take everything seriously. 

And so I go on to explain my outfit which was fun and rather an experiment. I do not understand how I have six closetful of clothes and 2-3 piles out of more clothes and still manage to have absolutely nothing to wear. I guess it all depends on my mood (which is quite bipolar- a word I used to describe my personal style numerous times) and also it depends on the weather (which based on the past few days) has been more moody and unpredictable than ever... my mood even can't compete.

And so I finally decided in a black and gold ensemble, after what seemed like 45 minutes of pacing around figuring out what to wear, I finally came to a decision. To most of you, I have to admit: most of my outfits are planned, calculated and involves a lot of thinking about... I don't get how people can just throw on an outfit together because my OCPD gets the best of me and I always always put an emphasis on being put together rather than piling clothes on. I do however respect people who have the innate ability to literally just put something on and look stellar and classy at the same time. Few people can pull that off....And that for me, is a skill, I have yet to master. 

 (one of the few photos in my blog smiling ear to ear)

 I chose a full gold leather skirt from my friend Lexi's store The Second Shop, which when worn, has the most gorgeous silhouette and shape. I love the muted gold and the high waisted effect and I wanted to take advantage of showing of the skirt as the main piece in my outfit so I wore a less attention grabbing cropped top and black with gold hardware accessories to compliment and highlight the rather beautiful piece. It rained like crazy that night, and I was quite pleased on deciding on low heeled boots from Miss Sixty to keep my feet warm and combat the crazy weather.

Hope it worked! 



xx, JL

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