Aug 4, 2012

By Your Side

 (I am still very much bronzed or tanned and I love it. I apologize for the redness in my neck area as that was part of my stubborn allergies which took quite a while to go away)

 Love, such a silly game we play
(Dress: Bershka | Blazer: Pink Manila | Shoes: DAS | Pearls: Mikimoto | Bag: Gold Couture)

This was what I wore for my boyfriend's 24th birthday. He flew home from KL, Malaysia (where he is currently based) to celebrate his 24th with his family, friends and of course ... ME! It was a wonderful weekend and the highlight was his birthday dinner at 2nds (which is one of my favorite restos so far) followed by his surprise party at my house which I threw for him. The theme was BLUE. 

To honor him, and of course to show my gratitude, I wore this sweet and delicate tulle high low dress he picked out and got for me from Bershka. I am in love with the color and what I love all the more is that it matches my new DAS heels perfectly. I added a lace blazer (yes, I did it- LACE ON LACE) because the weather was quite not so cooperative that day and it was raining like crazy. But despite the dinner, our spirits to celebrate him and 24 years of his life were not dampened at all. It was a great birthday!


xx, JL 


Photos from the night: 

From earlier that day...

Dinner with my boyfriend's family at 2nds! The Food was spectacular!

His not-so surprise party at home

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