Feb 6, 2011

Paper Bags and Plastic Hearts

Day to Night Dressing.
Acid wash jacket: Zara
Vest: DIY
Tanktop: Topshop
Skirt: Topshop
Shoes: Wisteria Wedges from Topshop
Purse: Random from my sister
Accessories: Forever21

I wore this outfit last Friday and decided to make my life a lil' bit easier by recycling my "day" outfit and transforming it to my "night" time look by a simple change of the denim aspect of the look. It was vest earlier on for work and some errands and then I simply ditched that to an acid wash cropped jacket from Zara for a great Cibo Dinner + Movie + Drinks. I had a great night despite the psychological trauma the movie, The Rite, did to me, which has caused me a grueling 3 nights of sleeplessness. Back to the outfit, the reason for such is that I am probably the slowest person in the world and preparing an all new look would require an extra hour or two... (I admit, I am not the type of girl who can just throw on anything..I like taking my time...) so I guess this was the smartest alternative I could come up with to avoid being perpetually late..
(something I resolve to change as I turn 24 in 3 days...less tardiness and no longer being unfashionably late to almost everything...)

I decided to go pastels this time around since I think I overloaded on black on my last post. I wanted a bit more color (no matter how light hued) and as always, more variety in my look. Dressing up bipolar is refreshing! Provided this was a complete 180-degree turn from my last look, I like catching people off guard. I guess just one signature look BORES me.

Get the look:






  1. I love this outfit JL. :) Can I just say you're one of the most versatile dresser in the www...one day you're a rockstar, the next, you're a sweetheart! :)

  2. Hello, Joanna! I am a recent Follower of "Only the marvelous." Marvelous is about the best word I can use (besides beautiful, of course) to describe your looks in these pictures. Marvelous outfit, lovely hair, and a beautiful face and smile. I've seen those wedges across a number of blogs and think they look lovely as well. Keep up the great work with your lovely pictures!


  3. great outfit! that skirt is so pretty and that jacket is awesome! the whole outfit reminds me of madonna from the eighties :)

    Fashion Bag 411

  4. love every single piece of clothing!!!

  5. You look like a doll! So pretty :) Love your wisteria wedges!

  6. looking pretty and adorable as usual :) :) love your hair ^^

  7. In love with your wedges, are to die for...


  8. so fresh and so bright. you look lovely. the day to night thing was cute. ^^

  9. In Love with the outfit! Love the shoes!



  10. This is a really cute outfit. I love the color palette.


  11. I like the jacket!


  12. Love it! the shoes, the skirt, the top, everything is so cute!


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