Feb 25, 2011

I'd rather be at the beach...

I am a major beach enthusiast. I don't really know if people actually know that about me given I am not really the one-with-nature outdoor-sy kind of girl but there is something about sun, sand and sea that always calms and soothes me. Last week, I got the chance to visit two beautiful beaches we decided to acquire property from and it was pretty delightful. The beaches were heavenly (close to paradise, but not quite yet...though given it is just a 2 hour drive away, it's prolly the best there is, for the distance.

Beach #1. Laiya, Batangas

Beach #2. Punta Fuego. Nasugbu, Batangas

Belly tops| Flip-flops| Lemonade in the shade| Blue skies| Hot guys| Late nights| Water fights| Ice creams| Sweet dreams| Bathing suits| Shooting hoops| Party time| School's out| Sleeping in| Sneaking out| Summer's coming...Let it begin...



  1. I love the photos! The beach is heavenly! I can't wait to hit the beach! Btw, is it safe to swim with dyed hair? Won't it dry your hair out? :)

  2. I'm so jealous!! The beach looks amazing babe!!!

  3. Wow *.* now i love Batangas (especially Punta Fuego <3 <3)!!
    Good to know that there a beach lovers
    who actually wear their bathing suit without
    a t-shirt and/or a short :)
    I never really understand if this is a cultural thing or just shyness.

    have a lovely sunny day <3

  4. Channie: It did dry my hair out and lighten the color too! I had to book an emergency treatment + color recently!

    Patrish: Woo girl swimming again!!!!

    Jasmin: YES! I agree, but I love bikinis so much- kinda addicted to bikini shopping + designing! :P

  5. This post has made me crave summer!
    Your figure is amazing and those beaches look like heaven!
    Teenage Daydreams

  6. Nice pictures! Love the summer feel :)


  7. I love the photos! And which reminds me, I can smell SUMMER!! The place is indeed heavenly.. never though you're a beach enthusiast. good to know.. =)


  8. I always love the way your pictures come out. Everything's so crisp like I'm actually there. :)

    My mom's from Batangas but I've never been to those places before. I miss the Philippines =/ It's raining, cold & very gloomy here in California right now.

  9. oh love the photos you've posted. it looks so relaxing and the beach is so beautiful!


  10. i loooove this post! i'm totally craving for the beach right now! B, let's hit it in March!!! ;)

  11. love this post..the beach photos are HEAVENLY..i'd love to go there and HAVE FUN.

    ALSO love how you manage to dress up and pull off those clothes.i smell SUMMER BREEZE <3


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