Jun 3, 2012

A Movie Script Ending

In the Tropics.
(Dress: Zara | Shoes: H&M | Accessories: Extreme Finds | Bag: Parisian)

I had a full Saturday ahead. I usually like spending weekends in bed- cue in Never Gonna Leave This Bed by Marron 5 as the Saturday Soundtrack of my life- but this Saturday, my day was packed! My boyfriend, Inigo was back from KL and we were running around Metro Manila for anything and everything. 

I decided to go all out on the colors and basically wear my summer brights as the season is ending and the rainy months are looming, sadly. This printed Zara tropical dress has practically all the colors in the color wheel,  which I love. But I decided to use neon yellow accents: my H&M shoes and neon accessories from Extreme Finds and some blue via my patent chain strap Parisian Bag designed by my friend, Audrey.   It was so the great outfit choice and I will always be at my most comfortable in summer dresses.


My boyfriend rarely gets to see me do outfit shoots so he decided to pose for some with me. And yes, we are cheesy like that.

First on the list was a shopping spree for him and a styling job for me at Rockwell where I styled him for a wedding he was attending in Singapore. 

Second agenda was a gathering with his lovely family and lastly was a get together with friends over at Draft for some good old culinary feasting. It was another early and tame
 night but good food, friends. and finds... the perfect Saturday.

xx, JL


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