Jun 11, 2012

Erase and Rewind

The One Where We All Decided to Color Block.
(Top: Zara | Pants: Zara | Shoes: Zara | Accessories: Extreme Finds | Bag: Vintage)

My friends and I all decided to color block this day, the 4th day of the Superb by SuperSale Bazaar which was totally random and unplanned. I guess it goes to show, GREAT MINDS DO THINK ALIKE! 

In honor of my color blocking tendencies, I wore all Zara pcs. with some neon Extreme Finds accessories, a favorite of mine for the season in pink and violet (in matching colors of my outfit- very matchy match)

Here are some detailed shots of what I wore:

I will always love my Yaya Lynlie for doing my hair braids. She's the best! She even did my friends' Kato and Audrey's hair braids. Yes, we are like kids like that.

For this wondering (I've been getting emails about this a lot): My Lip Color is PINK NOVEAU from MAC and my eyeliner is the REAL 24 HOUR EYELINER from Beauty Bar- it doesn't smudge and its waterproof. I use MAC's GirlBoy Browlash Mascara for my eyebrows and Ever Bilena black eyeliner for my inner lids... this is my secret weapon, a cheap find but the absolute best!

My clothing are both from Zara- I collect these chiffon tops in all colors and I love these bright pink trousers- pajama like in comfort!

 And for my shoes- I just adore these woven multi color heels and knew they were perfect for the outfit when I saw them!

And finally there's my Kate Spade Case to complete the look...

Here's a photo of me and my friends in full color blocking display- we even matched the decor of the bazaar!!!!


xx, JL

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