Jan 1, 2014

Femme Fatale

Cropped Knit Sweater: Zara | Leather and Lycra Stretch Pencil Skirt with Zipper Slit Detail: Zara | Strappy Cut-out Pumps: Alexander Wang | Motorcycle Bag with Silver Hardware: Balenciaga | Black Diamond Earrings: My Collection | Watch: Rolex | Bracelet: Charriol

Here she comes, you better watch your step
She's going to break your heart in two, it's true It's not hard to realize

Just look into her false colored eyes
She builds you up to just put you down, what a clown 'Cause everybody knows (She's a femme fatale)
The things she does to please (She's a femme fatale)
She's just a little tease (She's a femme fatale)
See the way she walks
Hear the way she talks
You're put down in her book
You're number 37, have a look
She's going to smile to make you frown,
what a clown
Little boy, she's from the street
Before you start, you're already beat
She's gonna play you for a fool, yes it's true

'Cause everybody knows (She's a femme fatale)
The things she does to please (She's a femme fatale)
She's just a little tease (She's a femme fatale)
See the way she walks...hear the way she talks 

- Femme Fatale, The Velvet Underground

And in grand tradition of the fact that my style is quite bipolar, here I am from white chiffon and rhinestones (from the previous post) to an all black vixen look in leather and zipper and silver hardware, nonetheless. The way I transition from one look to another is quite surprising, even for me... but I wear what I want to wear and when I do, I make sure everything is a put together and consistent which explains the all black eye makeup (which would give Taylor Momsen a run for her money) and the sleeked back hair (one of my favorite hairstyles) that I barely get to do because teasing your hair isn't ideal to do on a daily basis. It was goth, it was dark and twisty, which on some days, I am... my iPod boasts of mainstream tunes... from Britney Spears to ZZ Top (biker rock is something I can never explain to be drawn t... but I love it!) The look was inspired by a Femme Fatale, which in this day in age translates to H.B.I.C. (Head Bitch in Charge), which I think people regard me as, most of the time. This is probably because I have affinity for control and I love taking charge. I've no secrets... only dirty shame. Haha!

I must admit my image is something I keep as real and true as possible. Of that, I am very proud. I have no time for pretense and being who I am, is one thing I refuse to control. I just be who I am, I've no time for falseness, so I have resolved to have no filter and all. My life is an open book... I realize being a blogger opens me up to scrutiny (which I take very lightly and with my signature devil may care way of dealing with negativity) and of course, to being public property. The thing I realize is, when I let go of my need to control who I present to the world, I am in a better position to be in charge and to receive information from a power greater than myself. And... isn't that such a great place to be in? 

Dolly Parton once said, "I am not going to limit myself just because people won't accept the fact that I can do something else," and I suppose that is how I choose to approach life and how I run things. You see, there is a vast difference between trying to control our lives and taking charge of our lives. Trying to control our lives puts us in a position of failure before we start and causes endless, unnecessary pain and suffering. It's all so very dire, really. Taking charge of your life means owning your life and having a respond-ability to your life and then letting it go. Taking charge means that we do not spin our wheels with impression-management and try to be what we're not. It also means we do not accept and refuse to accept other people's evaluation of what we cannot do and stop there. 
If that is what it takes to be called a H.B.I.C.? Sign me up

xx, JL

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