Jan 15, 2014

Verses of Love

Mermaid Style Strapless Yellow Gown with Lace Gray Belt: Glitterati | Silver Evening Bag: Glitterati | Swarovski Pump Shoes: So! Fab | Diamond and Sapphire Watch: My Collection

Let me see, let me read your heart
Discover your deepest soul
'Cause I got verses of love
You said, "Did I try"
You promised, no more things to hide
I know, it's not your fault
It's better this way
We're grown-ups, we're adults

Please let me read your heart
Here tonight, no more fight
Just let me write on my name, a burning flame
Verses of Love
We've planned, different things
We promised, united by a ring
I hope it's not too late
We have to make it
We're grown up
We're in love

Please let me read your heart
Here tonight, no more fight
Just let me write on my name, a burning flame
Verses of Love
- Verses of Love, Moony

 SURPRISE!!! And you all thought gown season was over. Trust me, I thought so too but then there was an influx of wedding invitations that I started with no weddings to 7 weddings... and that is just until June. Then it's another season. I am and always have been the most enthusiastic about weddings. I love everything about it. (For someone who's had her wedding planned since she was 10, what more can you expect) and I always try to respect the bride and her wishes which is why I make it a point to inquire about the motif of the wedding, so I can dress up appropriately. For this wedding, of Mekok and Karla, Andrew's friends from college, the theme was yellow and gray and well, since I own my clothing line, one of the perks is having a gown made and designed by me very easily. So I wore a trumpet satinized twill trumpet style/ mermaid cut sweetheart neckline gown with silver accents just so I can be in theme. If you know me, you would know I am big on themes and I always take the extra mile to be dressed appropriately. Personally, I think it is a sign or respect to do so.

I see things everyday that hearten me. Isn't that just a warm and positive statement? Sometimes it comes in a simple and small thing... and then on other days, I see it in a big major way... and the day I wore this dress, I saw something that  absolutely warmed my heart. I love weddings. I love attending weddings. Nothing else heartens me more than seeing the love between two people, celebrated as it should, in such a grand and marvelous way. Love and two people bound together is a big deal and nothing warms my heart more. I know it is a chore for most people to attend such gatherings but I am always the most enthusiastic about it and I hope that THIS QUALITY is one thing that will never go away or tarnished by the cynicism and disillusionment the world provides us in our day to day living. I believe in weddings and I believe in marriages. Most of all, I believe in being united for the sake of love and that is a commitment I do not take for granted... no matter what. I will never marry for the sake of convenience or because a relative of mine insisted on it and arranged it. That is just not me. Personally, I believe that when you marry for these reasons, it's like a ticking time bomb for a marriage to fail. I am 100% sure that marriages based on these are destined to fail. If you marry for convenience, that basically dictates the whole relationship and when "it" is no longer convenient for you (or because it no longer goes with your principles or what not), you begin to question the union, you forget the vows "For better or for worse"... And that for me, is a violation of the sacrament. I was raised in a Roman Catholic family, and my family are Cooperators of Opus Dei, which is why I have always believed in the sanctity of a union recognized by the Church and in the eyes of God. I don't believe in civil weddings. I think doing the whole sacrament, in general is what makes it sacred and in a way, stronger and much harder to get out of...and so. you begin to realized not all things are unforgivable and you need to learn to accept people for the mistakes they make. Worse things have happened to people. More tragic things can happen. Let's not be petty. Just my opinion and not forcing this on anyone. That's just how I view things.

I do not need to put on blinders. I am ready to see those things that hearten me all around my life. Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is ugly in the eye of the beholder. It is the eyes that sees and we have a lot to say about what the eyes see. Zelda Fitzgerarld once said, "Nobody has ever measured, even poets, how much the heart can hold." You see, in this day and age we live in, some of us have become estranged from our feelings of compassion and love. We have believed that we have to become so tough and that we had to keep so busy that love and compassion and forgiveness became we could ill afford. Surely we could maintain our humanness with a few tax-deductible checks to the proper charities at the end of the year! That might work but again it is not at all sincere because again it is done out of convenience. Because we know down deep that we are loving, compassionate women... even if the world has formed us to be hard and unforgiving. When we give ourselves time, we realize we care about people and there are so many things we love about our lives... people most of all. Our hearts have a limitless capacity for caring and compassion and I think that ultimately people who decide they want to spend their lives together forever, realize this. 

I know for sure Mekok and Karla realized this because love and happiness was overflowing that night and you can feel it... it just radiates and that's not something you can fake. It was a splendid night...it was amazing and it was so real. It was refreshing. I can only wish this beautiful couple all the best in the world. They took that step most of us rarely do and I am so happy for them.
xx, JL

Photos from the Wedding

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