Jan 17, 2014

Day Dream in Blue

Blue Satinized Twill Strapless Peplum Gown with Side Slit and Satin Chartreuse Belt: Glitterati by Joanna Ladrido and Dominique Tiu | Neon Book Clutch Bag: 37LA | Ankle Strap Chartreuse Sandals: H&M | Sapphire, Citrine and Aquamarine Earrings and Ring: My Collection | Sapphire Ring: Miladay Jewelry | Diamond Bracelet: My Collection

Hair and Makeup by: Ms. Klick Victoria (my favorite)
Flowers: Recycled from the wedding from the night before (resourcefulness is key) 

...And another gown post... it is unbelievable, I know but not on purpose. My wonderful boyfriend who is by the way celebrating his 29th birthday today (January 17) informed me that we had this schedule basically: one weekend, two weddings. Granted I am one who is always so enthusiastic about weddings and anything to do with marriage, I was more excited than displeased and of course being one all for the motif, I was pleased to find out the wedding called for beach formal attire with the color theme in shades of blue. I would've probably gone to the traditional hues I trust: turquoise, aquamarine or blue green but I was all for taking risks that weekend and so, I decided to choose Cobalt Blue as my color with a chartreuse accent (if you must know I am very fond of the color) which I designed to be peplum (to avoid being too plain). Since it was a beach wedding, I kept the fabric light and easy by using satinized cotton twill which was useful since it was less shiny and more matte... more appropriate for an outdoor wedding. I love being able to design my own dresses and having them made for me by my own sewers for my brand because I dictate the direction of the design and of course, have complete control of the fit. If you must know, Dominique and I have decided to make Glitterati less RTW and more luxe and we now specialize in more made to order and custom made pieces usually formal ones for proms, weddings or dressy occasions instead of being retail. We're growing up... and so is the brand... I have to say. Since I am less frail and more meaty now (bye bye ruler), I added a chartreuse belt to the gown so I can emphasize curves, which complimented the illusion the peplum cut provided. I am obsessed with the combination of the two colors and this was the perfect occasion I got to wear them... it was my chance and I was so excited.

While in the reception of the wedding the night before, I had a light bulb moment and saw how the yellow and green flowers would totally complete my look for the day. It was also the perfect addition to provide freshness to the dress and it would make my ensemble more outdoor and beach-y. So I decided to get them and soaked them overnight in water and instructed by beloved makeup artist Ms. Klick to attach them to my hair, cascading down my curled ponytail (similar to the rhinestones I wore in my best friend Kato's wedding) but with a more environmental friendly twist. The wedding was at Subic so we had to leave quite early and while driving up the N-LEX in my Expedition, fluffy pillow and fluffy robe, my boyfriend Andrew joked with me and said he would be willing to swat any bee or butterfly that might try to get the pollen from the flowers in my hair. In hindsight, that was one detail I did not consider, I must admit. But I am thankful it was a chilly day (no rains though) so now insects were hovering around me. The worst thing could've happened ie. an anaphylactic reaction to a bee sting which would require adrenaline and a trip to the nearest ER. I was a lucky girl, thank Heavens!

The wedding and the day went by smoothly... and with a couple of tears on my part. I absolutely loved the fact I was able to attend the Church wedding which for me was the most important part as it was THE ceremony which was the main event. The reception is technically just an after party. From a numb person, I've gone completely emotionally ever since I decided to feel. I must say even my moms dubbed me as quite the crybaby which was so not me before. "I have been told that crying made me seem soft and therefore of little consequence. As if my softness has to be the price I pay out for power, rather than simply the one that's paid most easily and most often."  Tears and softness are not valued much in this society... especially in the workplace. In the past, we (especially women), have been led to believe that we could gain indirect, manipulative power through our tears and our gentle willingness to take care of others. Many modern women (ahem) have rejected using our tears and our gentleness to get what we want. Unfortunately, this rejection of our gentler side has resulted in our trying to appear tough and aggressive and in the end, in our losing of our wholeness. We should never consider than we are neither all soft nor all tough. We just are. 

xx, JL 



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