Jul 10, 2010

Fine-Feathered Friends

(Feather Skirt is from Zara, Bow Powershoulder top is from Zara, Shoes by Glitterati, Purse is a 2.55 Chanel, Belt is from Grommet by Glitterati)
The second thing I love when it comes to tutu skirts are feathered ones. I don't know what it is but there's something so fun and frilly to wear about it, especially since the delicate and soft texture of the feathers hang on to every movement, thus creating an artificial bounce even when walking as effortlessly as ever. Feathers are just definitely FUN to wear however, expect to shed all through out the night, as was the case with me because there was literally a trail of feathers wherever I sat, walked, passed by. It was worth it though, even if I did make a feather mess in the bar we hung out with.

This was the second time I wore the skirt and I feel so sad my brother is quite allergic to it. He had red as ever ears after inhaling some of my fine feathered skirt particles and I forgot that he had quite the reaction to bird feathers. (So sorry baby bro!) Despite my many allergies (to food mostly), I am quite relieved I don't really react to feathers cause I can keep on wearing them- without my brother near though next time!

(Birds of the same feather....are the same birds!)

(Lips: MAC Pink Noveau, Eyes: Purple and Plum Diego Dalla Palma + Lancome, Blush: Peachy Keen by MAC)

(Studded shoes are my obsession...I have tons! This is a fave though as it is from my clothing line, Glitterati!)

Anyway, I wore this on a Friday night out for my guy friend's birthday bash at Bordeaux which is a French wine cellar themed resto. I rarely go out on Friday nights anymore, the reason being that I have maxed out my party girl life in my college days but I made an exeception as Mark (the birthday boy) was a really good friend of mine. I had a blast, anyway, and I guess I did kind of miss dressing up to the nines for a night out on the town.

Bordeaux Wine Bar is located at Unit F Bellagio II, Forbes Town Center, Rizal Drive, Corner Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig.

Photo Credits: Bordeaux Wine Bar and Global City Living.

I just loooooove how Burgos Circle thrives at night. It has such a chill vibe but the crowd is quite upscale and classy since the establishments are reasonable priced restos with quality food!

Check out my first time to wear the skirt, last January my CHICTOPIA!


  1. Great look JH :) The skirt reminds me of flappers and looks so fun! Sorry your brother is allergic :( The studded accents are a perfect addition.

  2. always so fancy and ready to party!!! i love how you really take time to look dressed up! :D

    Animated Confessions

  3. You have a blog! I super like your hair here. :)


  4. love the skirt JL! you are always so fab every single time!!! :)

    post your shoe collection too! i always love your shoes as well as lissa's! you two are the queen of drool worthy shoes!!!!!

  5. Ah you are soooo cute!

    you look like a doll. Seriously can i have you? I can stare at you all day.

    btw love the skirt!

  6. i like that you include detail photos already, like of your shoes, make up, accessories..compared to good ol full-body shots in chictopia.:)

  7. I love this look!
    Polish girl


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