Jul 15, 2010

I've gotten over it over and over again

(I am wearing a Glitterati Afternoon Delight Tiered Dress, Pearl Necklace from Forever21 , Shoes from Topshop, a Vintage Nina Ricci Purse and Vintage Head Scarf)

(Let the sunshine through)

(PS: Everyone, meet Cinnamon, my Pomeranian-Shihtzu mix puppy who just had to join in while I was taking my photo. He takes after me, as obviously he is not camera shy and poses for the camera quite fabulously)

The day after the storm was a day to dress all bright and shiny. Finally, the sun was shining and there was no scary howling winds and electricity has been finally restored. Those three things combined, I think, are enough reason to celebrate... and celebrate I did in a tiered floral dress from my brand, Glitterati.

I know what you're thinking...Yes, again, I went back to my pastels, florals and pearls. But what can I say... I love to let the sun shine in! And nothing screams my sunny disposition now that the rain is gone than a yellow floral tiered and ruffled dress. I was practically showing off my happiness, really!

I wore the dress with my never failing pearl accessories which has been a personal favorite really... I love pearls, layered, stacked and piled up and quite frankly I think it replaced the studs I have had in my life, but maybe only for this season. I also made sure my nude and neutral toned accents were all matched up with the purse (my new found obsession), strappy heels and headscarf. I love the retro vibe a headband like this satin one adds on to curly hair. It also gives instant volume, trust me!

(Makeup: Primer: MAC Prep and Prime, Foundation-Shu Uemura, Concealer- Shu Uemura and YSL, Powder-Bobbi Brown, Cheeks- MAC Gleeful Mineralize Blush, Eyes- Smashbox Golden Orchid and YSL Shadow Duo, Lips- MAC Pink Noveau and MAC Dazzleglass Like Venus)

This was my outfit on a busy day where I had to meet up with our accountant and book keeper as we are legitimizing our business now for something quite sassy and chic coming your way soon! It is quite exciting and I never knew that such a quaint undertaking takes major preparation and work. This undertaking is currently eating up 90% of my waking hours but I love it...and I am hoping you guys will too! For the meantime, stay tuned! Of course, hard work means major de-stressing and this naturally came in the form of shoe shopping. I spent the downtime after work at the mall buying shoes and I scored a great find in the form of these chained Zara boots which I got for P1,990 only. Almost about 70% less than its original price and the best part is... it was in my size. That definitely made my week!

Speaking of major shoe shopping, let me paint a picture of how stressed I am by showing you how I tried to compensate and de-stress. These are the newest shoes I bought and will wear in the next posts! Enjoy!


  1. you have a GREAT collection for a shoes!
    I love it


  2. love your outfit and love the shoes!!



  3. Cinnamon is sooooo cute cute cute!!! :D And yes, super photogenic!! :D
    Love pastels on you, easy-breezy or black/studded...you look great! ;)

  4. the pink heels are lovely! and i've never seen a pom-shihtzu before, super cuuuute!

  5. love the outfit esp the vintage bag! and those new shoes are so fab!!!

  6. Love the outfit - but especially, you are sooo beautiful, you look like a little doll *.*

    Please come check out my blog - I think you'll really enjoy it! :))
    Can't wait to hear from you hon!

  7. Your outfit has a nice palette. I love the softness of the colors concentrated on nude hues. Gosh that's a major shoe shopping you did at Zara :) I use to think you don't need any of them because you already have tons. :))

    Melai of Style and Soul

  8. am having a shoe boner right now. WOW aren't you the luckiest girl of all?

  9. your face is well chiseled like a doll. keep on being fabulous:)

  10. The chained Zara boots are my favorite. I like to think my more fierce alter-ego would love a pair just like that :P

    I also really like your vintage purse-the color and structure are so preppy and classy. But I'm afraid Cinnamon is my favorite. Total cutie!

    B from A plus B

  11. wah! love love your shoes JL!!!! i want them all!

  12. you look gorgeous! and you got yourself a new follower! :)


  13. you look super gorgeous!
    love love your shoes collections!!
    i'm following you now ^^ ^^
    folback if you don't mind :)

  14. first i just wanna tell you that i super love the tiered dress!=) it just screams summer/spring. You always accessorize perfectly and you have most amazing shoe collection!=)

    About the giveaway, I'll email you on your gmail account babe!=)

  15. lovely dress!! the floral print is adorable!! i lovve all the new shoes!!

  16. Lovely outfit but I love your sea of shoes! Keep on rollin'!


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