Jul 8, 2010

Forward, March

(Blazer is from Zara, Topshop tank and leggings, Topshop boots and Aldo Shades)

Back to military chic, I wore this power shoulder major general-esque blazer I got from Zara last February for a Monday work day where we seriously had to hustle. Looks like good things are coming our way and me and my business partner slash BFF Nina are so anxious, we seriously cannot wait to show you what we’ve got in store… it will be major.

(Purse: Speedy 30 in Epi Leather by Louis Vuitton)

Since it was a day of errands and “meetings”, I decided to have my FIGHT MODE on with me thus the wardrobe choice. I wore this blazer which was one of my fave early year purchases with an all black look- an oversized tanktop from Topshop and liquid oxy leggings with a side zipper in the edge. I needed to be extra comfy which is why I chose my suede wedged booties from Topshop as they are quite heavenly to walk around in and are light as a feather. Added my chain sunnies since it was quite a sunny day and went minimal with all other accessories. My favorite part though is a “POLICE LINE, DO NOT CROSS” knuckle ring that I got last year which reminds me of CSI… I am a major fan and I was so psyched when I found this in a bazaar.

It is a busy week! Wish me luck!


  1. i really love your shoes jl! and that jacket is love love love

  2. that jacket is fierce! :) love this whole ensemble! Following you now!:)


  3. i love love the shoes. been wanting the same pair

  4. Drooling over the jacket! Oh, and love the ring! CSI! :)


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