Nov 22, 2011

Fever Dream: I love my Yosi Samra Flats

From Prada to...Nada (HEELS, I mean)
(Draped coat: Ryui | Sweater Dress: H&M | Shoes: Yosi Samra | Glassses: Prada Baroque Minimal)

I've been sick and under complete house arrest the past few days (think: 10 days and counting) I am not complaining however as I need this time to rest and recuperate, given that this was my 3rd relapse of the same sickness and my body was literally at its worst (I've had fever for 4 straight days now, this is the first day I don't so wish me luck- hope I am on the road to recovery)

In line with that, here are my RULES when it comes to beating down the fever in style...


Be comfortable. Being sick is not the time to stress about your outfit or what you are wearing. The main focus is: GETTING BETTER. Sleep, rehydrate and relax- put on those pjs and hop into bed. But then again, sickness is never an excuse to be sloppy, I mean this in that time when you have to get out of bed and visit the doctor for a checkup,which if you do, you can still choose to dress up stylishly. Dressing down does not mean dressing in distress so go for the classics and prioritize COMFORT over STYLE. (This is the one time you can use this excuse)

How I did it: 1) A Sweater Dress thats easy to put on works wonders. It is a classic, easy to wear piece and it will keep you warm.

2) You need to battle the chills, and the trick is to layer. Choose an over sized coat that will cover your neck, back and that will keep you absolutely warm enough to brave the elements.

3) Do not bother to go all out on the makeup- a simple tinted moisturizer, lip tint and concealer are all you need (well for me anyway- that works). To hide the puffy eyes and the obvious sick blank stare (trust me, it shows)- opt for sunglasses. Yes, ladies, maximize it. I decided to debut my Prada sunnies on this occasion since I needed to feel somehow better and wearing this pair did!

4) WEAR FLATS. I would rarely give this advice given I am the Queen of High Heels. But when you have fever, trying to balance and go against gravity shouldn't really have to be an issue so give your feet a rest. Opt for ballet flats- and wear it like a boss!

En Pointe in my Yosi Samra Ballet Flats

In my case, I gave my feet some pampering with this really amazing pair of almost electric blue foldable ballet flats from YOSI SAMRA

I always nag about wearing flats as they hurt my feet more than heels. I have developed an arch which makes it easier to wear heels thanks to years and years of high heeled reinforcement and a stint on ballet when I was younger but surprisingly, these shoes didn't hurt my feet at all. I was so happy to have my feet flat on the ground without developing blisters or a wound! Talk about finding the perfect pair of flats for me!

Trust that this pair will be on my carry on bag (yes I keep a separate just in case of emergency bag- separate from the bag I carry handy with supplies..I'm really a girl scout that way) and will be my go to shoes for when I need to give my feet some pampering and rest.


xx, JL

ABOUT YOSI SAMRA: Press Release Courtesy of

Kiss those killer corns goodbye! Carry-anywhere Yosi Samra ballet flats are a handy (and pretty) solution to tired feet screaming to be let loose from torturous heels. The women's footwear brand has over 6,000 funky styles available so you'll never have to worry about sacrificing style for comfort.

Each pair is made with durable rubber and comfy elastic bands for a snug fit. Choose from the leather, satin, patent, and suede collection and get a pair in metallic, burnished, perforated, animal print, two-tone, and limited edition tie-dye designs. Each pair offers a split-sole structure and can be folded and stored in a nifty 4.5” x 3” pouch, making it the perfect travel buddy.

Yosi Samra is exclusively distributed by Green Tee Inc. at GAS, Greenbelt 3, Makati City and TriNoma Mall, Quezon City.



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