Nov 15, 2011

Just Over the Horizon

Earth Angel.
(Top: Vintage Chiffon Tie Dye | Skirt: Vintage | Bag: Cole Haan | Shoes: Bazaar | Necklace: +RUCKUS | Earrings: Cultus Chi Chi | Rings: Bazaar)

I am rarely dressed bohemian and earthy. It's just not me. but on this particular day I felt very boho chic and decided to dress the part. Move over Pocahontas, I'm taking centerstage.

A Bohemian Look calls for accessorries in excess. So I did everything in excess. The lovely oversized earrings in antique gold with green detail are from my sisters accessories store in the U.S. Cultus ChiChi, the amazing chain multi-pendant necklace is one of my absolute favorites from my cousin's local based accessory line, +RUCKUS. What can I say? Fashion runs thick in the family. Added on some of my favorite rings, my serpent, a shield one with white enamel, my elephant face ring aka Babaar.

The colors scream FALL I seriously love AUTUMN and the color palette of my outfit represent the change in seasons, nature-wise.

I used MAC Pigment as my eye makeup in Copper Sparkle and Golden Olive blended together thus the mixed rusted shade. Kept my lips pink and pale with Bobbi Brown's Matte Lipstick in Pink Pale shade. As always, Shu Uemura foundation, VOV Cosmetics Concealer and Lancome's Bronzer were the foundation for my face.

I put extensions in my hair again so it looks fuller and well would have more volume. Did you notice the difference?

The Parachute skirt with uneven hem is a closet favorite. It was gifted to me by a college blockmate circa 2004 and I still love and use it until now!!!!

Surprisingly, my shoes were quite low and very Mohican-esque. The strappy leather sandals added to the natural look of my outfit.

Hope you like the different look.

xx, JL


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  2. I like the style, very Bohemian. Where did you buy your bag? I love it! Thanks!


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