Nov 8, 2011

What I currently love....

Things I love:

My Cameron black wedged boots (the easiest to slip in and out of)
from Marie of Finch Style Shoes

These Miu-Miu inspired glitter shoes in gold and in white also from Daisy of Capital Vice
(my favorite pair so far, it's called the Marie shoes and I am shoe in love!)

Dashe Professional Brushes
6pc. Travel Set
which comes with pink brushes and a chic zebra pouch. Very convenient for traveling and can fit extra make up inside as well as the pouch is very spacy.

It includes the ff:
-kabuki brush
-cheek/contour brush
-foundation brush
-eyeshadow brush
-eyebrow brush
-lip/concealer brush

Vivid LED Mirror from Frou Frou
which I am so addicted to right now. I got it in animal print and it is the best tool in my purse (definitely cannot leave home without it) especially since I am keen on random retouches and checking out my face ever so often. I used to sneak in a peek at the teeny mirror that came with my compact but now I have one that even has beauty lights at the side, which makes it convenient for use anytime and anywhere!

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