Nov 17, 2011


(Dress: Topshop | Oversized button down: Zara | Stockings: Topshop | Shoes: Soule Phenomenon)

Back to black and white in a very simple, classic and basic outfit where I wanted the main focus to be these awesome printed stockings from Topshop my bestfriend gave to me a year ago just cause it reminded her of me. And guess what, like most bestfriends are, she's right!

This is like my uniform for everyday-I feel so very comfortable in sexy stockings, a simple shift dress and an oversized blouse I can pull over or take off depending on what the climate dictates. Accessorized with the usual bling + bows and I was good to go. Easiest outfit ever.

Leg Love.
Who wouldn't love these two toned Topshop stockings? Instantly vamps up the rather casual look, I would say.

I enjoy dressing up in black and white more than anything. Sometimes, a little bit of monochrome is all we need!

xx, JL



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  1. Gorgeous pictures and inspiring blog, i really love your unique sense of style... i'm happy to follow here ;-)

    xoxo StyleMafia


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