Nov 12, 2011

No Good in Goodbye

The Art of Dressing Down
(Loose top: Zara | Dress: Topshop | Necklace: OS Accessories | Earrings: Extreme Finds | Shoes: Sinta)

There are times even when I feel lazy to dress up. This was one of those days. So in true effortless lazy daze style, I kept everything simple, toned down and loose with this white and blue combination. The one thing I especially love is the necklace I used to accessorize and jazz up the outfit as it is inspired and created from bones. Such a find... definitely will wear this more!

xx, JL

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  1. Hi Joanna, I recently bought a bathing suit from your shop at the Supersale bazaar. And I really don't know how to wear it, do you have a picture of it wearing by a model or someone? Or can you just describe it to me? I'm kind of a noob. If you don't remember the picture is here

    would love to hear from you soon :) thanks!

  2. Here you go-----


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