Nov 15, 2011

Amber is the color of your energy

Pumpkin Pie.
(Jeans: Zara | Shirt: Topshop | Bag: Louis Vuitton | Accessories: RUCKUS | Shoes: US | Shades: Vintage)

Less apples, more oranges. From pumpkin to persimmon, I am in love with the shade! Nothing spells Fall than a pair of pumpkin hued rust toned denim skinny jeans to embody the changing color that comes along with the seasons. Autumn is an amazing season to dress up for. The colors, the shades and the vivid transitions of hues are just so stunning especially in nature. Picture the trees, rusting out for the cold season to come and this exactly was what I wanted to show in my outfit. And besides different shades of orange- never hurt. Hope you like it!

xx, JL


  1. i luv d pants! and ur necklace :D

  2. i am lovin how you style up your looks lately! and yeeep, autumn is such a wonderful season to dress up..if only we have it here in the Phils! haha..

    lovin you, JL! been following your blog for quite some time now ;)

    more power! <3

  3. Love the color of your pants!



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