Oct 22, 2011

A Night of Art and Fashion: Freeway x Manansala

Playing the not-so-sly serpent.
(Dress: Glitterati | Shoes: DAS | Bag: Chanel)

Rainbow colored snakeskin. 'Nuff said. I love this dress and it is a little teaser of the burst of color we're giving you for Glitterati's new Holiday collection. The print is just fantastic. Very serpent-like but at the same time, the clash of the loud colors definitely will make you steal the scene. I always loved pink and orange and this was the perfect textile for this dress design! I made the dress a bit more interesting by designing it with contrasting mesh sleeves in bright pink and orange. For those who want to tone it down a bit, the dress is also available in blue and green, which is less loud but just as interesting as well.

I decided to wear this vibrant piece to the Freeway x Manansala launch over at The Row in Glorietta 5. The event was a major success and I got a first hand chance to peek into the amazing collection that was inspired and built around the artwork of National Artist Vicente S. Manansala. The clothes were rich, elaborate, lush and a great homage to one of the country's most artistic minds of all time. Check out what I fell in love with from the fashion show where I got an awesome spot to take photos in...

The Ground Floor of Glorietta 5 was transformed into an art workshop where artists exhibited their craft.

Hosts Divine Lee and Tim Yap

A sample of the beautiful artwork by the National Artist

The Fashion Show....

I loved how the models were styled. With a beautiful bird of paradise bud on their head, it was just rich and amazing. I love how the show opened with models in their Freeway x Manansala shirts and wide legged pants. They also worked the art of the fan which had Manansala's artwork imprinted on it....

Stunning workwear inspired pieces for the girl on the go also were paraded down the runway- the primary colors were just stunning and the architectural structure Freeway is famous for showed in this set...

More beautiful shirts....I love how Freeway had made artwork wearable by combining it with fashion... I definitely wouldn't mind wearing a masterpiece on my back.... I love how the loose shirts were paired with wide legged pants and maxi skirts...

And last but not the least, my favorite segment of the show were these monochromatic little black and little white dresses that sashayed down the run way. Definitely for the modern day Audrey Hepburn within everyone.... As I always say, when in doubt, what would Audrey do? (Rules of a Lady)

The event was a major success! I also appreciated how all the guests were treated to a Manansala print mousepad to take home and remember the event by....Brilliant!

Lastly, you can also take a piece of art home by having the Kunst Pilipino Artists sketch a self portrait of yourself....

This was my first stop for the night and I had such a great time meeting blog readers, fashionphiles and fellow bloggers! Congratulations Freeway!

Align Centerxx, JL


  1. this looks like a nice a event!!

  2. the dress is amazing! I made a maxi dress out of that similar fabric. I must say that the jersey fabric is TDF. It hugs the body in the right places

  3. I love love your dress JL! :) I shall buy that!

    Kaye Awatin
    Fashion Blogger

  4. Wow that dress! It looks absolutely gorgeous on you. So sad I wasn't able to meet you during the event since I was there too. Hopefully I'll meet you soon! :)

    ♥♥ Megann of STYLE SURGERY
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  5. You look like a doll! ;) I love your shoes too!

    Jamie Kate


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