Oct 27, 2011

Halloween is just around the corner... A Quick Lookback at my past costumes...and costumes to come..

Halloween's always been my favorite holiday. My family loves horror flicks, haunted houses and the fall, so some of my best memories from growing up were of the time around Oct. 31. Besides- what's NOT to love...Candies, treats, tricks and costumes all combined make up the best holiday EVER. I love getting dressed up, although I have not so great memories of being in a scary skull body suit or the wickedest of Wicked Witches. Here's a quick lookback at my costumes from Past Halloween Celebrations and random dress up days...

Little Bo Peep in search of my sheep....

The Black Swan
PS: My costume, as always, was handmade!

Channeling my inner super hero as Wonderwoman...

Tutu-fied and loving it as Carrie Bradshaw (no curls though!!!)

Venomous Villain in leather PVC and Bondage as fiery red haired Britney Spears in Toxic

Cabaret Bird cause I love anything pink... I came as a pink flamingo can-can dancer...

For a themed candy shoot with my brother in '08, I was a lollipop girl...

Not so Simple Life... Channeling Nicole Richie (from The Simple Life Season 4) as a drinking pregnant fake housewife...No cigs allowed so I carried a wine glass with coke zero as my "I suck as a mom" prop...

Memoirs of a Geisha... Oriental dreams as a Japanese Geisha from themed shoots...

I also made about 15-16 costumes for my friends for this year and they will all rock it! I love designing costumes! It's so fun and challenging and no holds barred!

Always one to outdo myself, I am so psyched for this year's Halloween costumes I have planned. I hate having a Halloween doppelganger which is why I chose this year's costume to be as complicated as ever. I also custom made my outfits to ensure it'll be one of a kind!

Here are my pegs...

Day 1- Christina Aguilera in one of my favorite movies ever- Burlesque

Day 2- The Vampy Veronica Lodge
(I always was on team Veronica...just proves how anti-girl-next-door I was)

And a back-up costume (which is a must...)

I cannot wait to share with you the looks I came up with after all the festivities! How about you?

Do you have a favorite holiday memory? What was your best/worst costume ever?


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